Metal Detectors – The Best Holiday Gift! Get in Time for Christmas!

Over $8,00 in Treasure Finds

Pictured above are some of the over $8,000 in rings, coins and other jewelry found with a metal detector by customer John M from Texas.

Tons of people write to us every day asking about metal detectors as holiday gifts. It may be for their husband, Dad, kids or other loved ones. But without knowing what to buy, they need advice! We offer suggestions and models to fit each individual.

Here are the TOP REASONS why a metal detector is the BEST gift!

  1. Unexpected:  A detector is not what you would expect to open as a gift. A metal detector is “cool.” All models are professional, even those under $100, so they are legit!
  2. Exciting: Anyone is excited to find treasure! Real treasure is FUN to find. Watch how fast your loved one will pop in the batteries and head outside to use their detector and find treasure.
  3. Hobby: Everyone needs a hobby. It helps distract from everyday stress, getting you outside and enjoying life.
  4. Profitable: Believe it or not, most hobbyists who have been hunting for a few years say your finds will almost always pay for the metal detector and more!

Here’s some information on getting started with metal detecting as a hobby:

Bounty Hunter metal detectors are known as great beginner units.  For lower prices, check out “entry-level” models; for higher quality features, look at “mid-range” in the article “Which Metal Detector is Best for You?” above.

Get a metal detector in time for Christmas! Here’s our Holiday Shipping Schedule with Rates and Dates:


Give Kids a Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving With A Metal Detector

The modern and easy to use Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector

The modern and easy to use Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector – a great choice for kids.

Giving children a gift that keeps on giving is often something we strive for during the Holidays, but rarely do gifts for kids actually end up meeting this lofty goal. Metal Detectors for kids are different though. When you give your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew or other lucky child a metal detector this Holiday season, you’ll be giving them a gift that will give back for many years to come in a variety of ways.

Introducing children to metal detecting through your Holiday gift can give them:

  • A chance to learn about history, geology, ecology, and much more.
  • Opportunities for exercise and fresh air.
  • A way to meet new people by joining metal detecting clubs and engaging with the community while out metal detecting.

Of course your Holiday gift also has the potential to give back by leading them toward valuable treasures as well. While there are many more “trash targets” dug up by metal detectorists than treasures, the potential exists to find something valuable with every outing. This alone is exciting for children and reason enough they’ll like your Holiday gift.  The other benefits of metal detectors for kids are just icing on the cake – or Holiday cookie.

To get you started here are 7 of our recommendations for the best metal detectors for kids.

Giving a gift that can give so much to its recipient isn’t always this easy. But it can be this year when you give the children on your Holiday shopping list a metal detector. Take a 2 or 3 minute read of our buying guide article (with video) entitled Selecting the Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Children.

Hot Holiday Gifts Under $50 For Metal Detector Users

Do you have a metal detecting hobbyist on your gift list this year? If so, we have a brilliant gift idea for you… and it’s under $50! Headphones for metal detecting make the perfect gift idea for any treasure hunter on your list!

They’re a sure bet as a holiday gift, because most serious detectorists use them each time they go out. It’s also one of those items considered more of a splurge, so a detectorist may not buy them for her or himself—even though they want a new set! Headphones help cancel outside noises and distinguish the tones and signals given off by the detector. People that use headphones while detecting are much more successful than those that do not us a pair.

Metal Detecting and Metal Detector Headphones

When digging alone, some hobbyists remove their headphones. But, if you are in close proximity to another digger or in a noisy place—they’re a must. The crucial benefit that metal detecting headphones offer: they permit the detectorist to hear the signals of smaller, deeper and usually older targets. Imagine what a shame it would be to miss out on a silver coin from the 17th century (buried 5 inches underground) or a gold ring dropped during the colonial days. Headphones such as DepthMaster Audiophone II Metal Detector Headphones (now $40 off regular price) will make these targets audible and are made especialy for use with a metal detector. To read about headphones’ features and benefits, read: Metal Detecting Accessories & Necessities. Also, be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Center for this year’s holiday specials and sale on metal detectors and accessories!