Wish List: Metal Detector for Kids 5-10 Years Old

Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID - Best metal detector for kids and children ages 4 1/2 to 7.

Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID – One of the best metal detector for kids and children ages 4 1/2 to 7.

Curious, imaginative younger kids love hands-on toys and electronics. A metal detector is an ideal holiday gift for this age group! Not only will a metal detector teach your child about science and geology, it will get him/her outside in the fresh air searching and digging for treasure. They can dream about searching for a mysterious pirate’s lost treasure; all the while digging up coins, trinkets and jewels. Each treasure is exciting, whether it’s a simple quarter, a meteorite or a gold nugget. Metal objects and treasures are waiting to be discovered!

Metal Detectors Designed for Younger Kids

When choosing the best detector for a child, it’s important to consider ease-of-use, lightweight design and a smaller arm rest and shaft. There are detectors designed specifically for kids and/or with with adjustable shafts and arm rests. The Controls should be very easy to understand, so your child understands what he/she has found. At $79.99, the Bounty Hunter Junior Target ID Metal Detector is a kid’s detector with an “emoji” display, showing: “probably trash,” “maybe,” and “good stuff!”

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector is now in stock at MetalDetector.com

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector

Metal Detectors for Upper Elementary Kids:

At around age 8, the next model up is the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1. It is a fun, well-built, light-weight metal detector for older kids. It is a bit more sophisticated because it contains discrimination and sensitivity adjustment. A metal detector is the perfect tech gift for kids this holiday season!

Metal Detectors (Ideal for 8 to 11 Years Old):

Take a 2-3 minute read of the article we wrote What are the Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Children?

Kids Metal Detecting- Get Outdoors, Away from the Computer

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

Kids need exercise, mental stimulation and fresh air—and reports show they aren’t getting enough of it! A lack of stimulation and immediate gratification seems to be the reason why kids aren’t willing participants anymore when it comes to team sports and classroom activities. As parents, we need to insist upon physical activity—away from computer screens. Psychologists say computer technology disconnects kids emotionally from family and friends.  Instant gratification is now posing a problem in most U.S. households and classrooms. Kids are BORED in school because the “visual drama” of games and video is not there. This will become a huge problem for achievement in the future!

What can we do? The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests time limits for TV/internet/social media for all age groups from 3-18 years old. Physical activities and hobbies  are the only solution—and should be pursued by all parents! Metal detecting is a fascinating “kid friendly” hobby that can engage almost ANY child. Using electronics is exciting while listening for metal signals. Kids learn about science and geology while detecting, among other things. Even finding 1 quarter is a major achievement and can be celebrated! You can only imagine a child’s excitement when the coins pile up. Metal detecting makes what would otherwise be a boring story into an interactive adventure!

Top Metal Detectors for Kids Ages 9 and Up:

Why Our Kids Need to Get Outdoors- with a Metal Detector!

There is an extreme need for today’s kids to engage in physical outdoor activity— away from computer and TV screens. The benefits of engaging kids in outdoor hobbies is immeasurable. Not only will they get fresh air and exercise, kids will learn and grow mentally. Studies show that too much time in front of a computer screen leads to behavioral and psychological issues. According to Cris Rowan, a pediatric occupational therapist, sedentary children with too much screen time can experience developmental delays. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests time limits for all age groups from 3-18 years old.

Treasure Hunting for Kids

One extremely enticing outdoor activity for children and teens is metal detecting. The prospect of finding treasure is usually enticing enough to get the most “glued to the screen” kid outside. Kids love exploring and becoming young adventurers. And who knows what they may discover? Some lucky kids have found priceless gold coins with a metal detector!

Hand’s On Learning While Having Fun

Metal Detecting and kids just go together. Detecting may lead to other interests and hobbies such a collecting coins.

Metal Detecting and kids just go together. Detecting may lead to other interests and hobbies such a collecting coins.

The benefits of metal detecting include learning about science and the world around us. Geology and biology are all part of treasure hunting, particularly when digging up targets in soil and other terrain. You can expect to encounter all sorts of plants, insects and worms. It’s also amazing how history goes hand-in-hand with treasure hunting. Take for instance, a 1931 S Lincoln wheat penny. Wheat pennies are among the most popular U.S. coins people collect. If your child found a 1931 S Lincoln penny, he or she may wonder: “Where did this wheat penny come from?” “Is it rare?” “What type of metal is it made of?” If you help your child look up information about their find, you will both learn! As it turns out, the San Francisco mint only struck 866,000 Lincoln 1931 pennies that year, which makes the coin relatively rare. A 1931 S Lincoln penny currently sells for at least $100, even in fair condition. Metal detecting makes what would otherwise be a boring old history lesson into an exciting adventure.

Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Teens

The Garrett Ace 150 metal detector

With three large buttons, the Garrett Ace 150 is easy to use and ready to find treasure!

The best metal detector for a child or teen is an easy-to-use model! The easier to operate and understand, the better. There are dozens of entry-level detectors that are built to “turn on & go.” This is what you’re looking for. Many manufacturers have even designed metal detectors specifically for children. Kids just want to be able to turn the machine on and listen for a beep. It’s also nice if there is some sort of target identification display. Below is a list of metal detectors that are ideal for kids (over 8 years old) and teenagers.

Top Detectors for Kids Ages 9 and Up:

For Kids and Children Ages 8 and Under:

We suggest the Junior Treasure Tracker model for younger kids because it is smaller to fit them well and lightweight. At $69.95, this is a totally affordable metal detector with quality features. It is not a toy; beware – as some units sold at toy stores are all gimmick with no usability.

For further details and suggestions, read the article: Best Kids Metal Detectors featuring a video guide.

Kids Metal Detectors Holiday Shopping Guide 2015

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner's.

The Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 is a top-rated metal detector for both kids and beginner’s.

Any child would be thrilled with the gift of a metal detector. Kids are intrigued by electronics and gadgets, and every child loves a treasure hunt! Kids metal detectors should be extremely easy to use. If you’re shopping for a kids metal detector this holiday season, be sure to look for a model with some nice features without anything overly complex, to avoid the potential for frustration. Great features for kids include an LCD display showing the discrimination and sensitivity levels, battery level and target identification. A good kids entry-level metal detector should generally cost between $80 and $200. And, many experts suggest sticking with well-established brands such as Bounty Hunter, Garrett, Fisher or Whites. MetalDetector.com’s 2015 Holiday Sales offer the year’s best prices on entry-level metal detectors for kids, so take advantage of exclusive savings!

Top Metal Detectors for Kids Ages 9 and Up 2015:

For kids and children ages 8 and under, we suggest the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector. At $69.95, this is a real metal detector and not a toy. This unit will fit a child’s smaller size better and be comfortable for hours of use and fun. To see all your options, take a read of the article we wrote called Best Kids Metal Detectors plus, you can even watch the companion video on the same page.

Kids are Sure to Appreciate a Metal Detector this Summer

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Shopping for Children this Summer?  

It can be hard to find gifts for kids that are exciting and educational. That’s where metal detectors come in. When you give a child a metal detector, you not only give them that machine, you also offer them a route into a potentially life long hobby that’s filled with education, fun, treasure, and so much more.

When Can a Child Begin Metal Detecting?

By about 6 or 7 years old children can manage their own metal detector and nearly all of them that try it have a fantastic time. Younger children interested in metal detecting can also participate. There are pinpointers they can use as well as shovels, sandscoops and other types of metal detecting tools like these smaller children can use to help their sibling or parent while metal detecting.

Which is the Best Metal Detector to Give a Child?

For many, the toy store would be the obvious place to begin your search for a children’s metal detector. However, a machine that is a toy first and a metal detector second will not yield real results for your little treasure hunter; and she or he will almost certainly become frustrated and quickly lose interest in metal detecting.

Instead, the best metal detector to give a child is a real machine that has an adjustable handle and that’s lightweight. This way, the metal detector can grow with your child and, it’s easy to maneuver. From there you’ll want to look at the feature set and be sure the metal detector isn’t overly complicated to use. That said, you’ll want the machine to be able to offer the child learning opportunities as well so it shouldn’t be too easy to use either. For some recommendations on the best metal detectors for kids as well as specific features to look for and more, see our buyers guide article “Best Kids Metal Detectors”.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Detecting for Kids?

There are a variety of reasons kids of any age will thoroughly enjoy receiving a metal detector this Summer including:

  • Metal detectors help you explore your surroundings.

  • They teach you about history, geology, electronics, and the environment.

  • When you go metal detecting you spend the entire time outside.

  • You also spend the entire time exercising.

Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity metal detectors give kids to find valuable treasure! Although most metal detectorists will tell you they’re not in it for the money, the opportunity to find a piece of gold, antique jewelry, precious stones, coins, or other treasure is always present. What child wouldn’t love a gift that offered this level of fun and excitement?

When you give a child a metal detector, you’ll get to give them a gift that will keep giving back to them for many years to come. Not only do they get to benefit from all the educational opportunities, and health benefits that come with every use of your gift, each time they find a special treasure, they’ll think of you. So give the special child(ren) in your life a metal detector this Summer and watch them light up with excitement you can feel good about.

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A Professional Metal Detector: Built Just for Kids!

You can purchase the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 for kids 9 and older. It will signal quality targets giving kids a feeling of success in their new hobby of metal detecting.

Interested in a metal detector as a holiday gift for your child or teen? The best advice Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com gives for young newbies, “Definitely purchase an entry-level detector made by a major manufacturer—not from a toy store. The toy store detectors ‘mimic’ the real thing with high-pitched beeps, but they won’t actually locate treasure. You can purchase the Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 for $79.99 and it will signal quality targets!” Success is an important factor when kids begin a new hobby. Even if they’re just locating pennies and dimes, they will learn the hobby of treasure hunting and how a metal detector works.

The Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 is among the first professional metal detectors ever designed for kids of age 9 and up. This is the perfect balance: the unit is advanced enough to locate metal treasure, yet simple enough for kids to operate and understand. This metal detector is ready to turn on and go. It also features discrimination and sensitivity controls—typically found on more expensive adult models. On their first hunts, kids should use minimal discrimination or none, so they can locate every object—including bottle caps and trash. The idea is to get them learning how the machine operates and in the process, they won’t miss any treasure. For kids 9 years old and older, Bounty Hunter VLF 2.1 is a sure holiday hit!

Metal Detectors: A Holiday Gift Any Kid Will Enjoy

The Holidays are really all about the children. But, what are the best gifts to give them

Pictured above: The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector. MetalDetector.com recommends this metal detector for kids who are 8 years old and younger or who are small for their age.

to celebrate the season?  Most children already have so many toys they don’t really need anymore.  Video games are fun, but not always the best way for children to spend their time.  How about metal detectors?

As a person who has been metal detecting my whole life, I can say without hesitation that metal detecting is a great hobby for any child to get into.  By about 6  years old a child can handle his or her own metal detector.  Prior to that, 4 and 5 year olds love to help adults or older children dig up their finds and they can be taught a great deal about metal detecting to prepare them to handle their own machine in a few years.

One of the things you’ll want to be careful of when shopping for a metal detector for a child is to avoid getting a “children’s metal detector” or a “toy detector”.  Instead, look for traditional metal detectors that are adjustable.  This way, your child will have a quality machine that will fit their smaller stature, and actually grow with them.  Not only that though, they’ll actually find targets.

Many metal detectors that are made specifically for children are more toy than actual metal detector.  This results in few if any treasures and frustrated, unhappy kids who give up the hobby quickly.  On the other hand, when you provide them with the opportunity to use a quality metal detector, the child can actually enjoy metal detecting because they’re able to locate and retrieve targets successfully.

In addition to a metal detector with an adjustable handle, depending on the child’s age and skill level, you’ll probably want to choose a machine that’s easy to operate.  Look for a model that offers “Set and Go” features to find those metal detectors that are less technical to operate.  Tip: Review our buying guide article for complete information, including all of the metal detector models we recommend for kids. Some of our favorite metal detectors for kids include:

Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector – Beginer’s detector, 3 tone audio and visual display. Also see Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector – Visual display and 3 detecting modes. Also see Garrett Ace 250

Fisher F2 Metal Detector – A well rounded offering of performance and ease of use

Metal Detecting has a lot to offer children. It’s not only exciting to find and dig up treasures, but metal detecting also provides kids with physical exercise as well as educational opportunities in subjects like history, geology, and electronics, plus much, much more.  So, whether you’re looking for a Holiday gift for your child, grandchild, or other special young person in your life, get them a metal detector and give them a gift this Holiday season that could introduce them to skills that will last a lifetime – while also bringing them a lot of fun and excitement!

Metal Detectors: Reviewing Your Best Holiday Shopping Options

Learn about the best models for sale from the first online retailer of metal detectors. Discover the top metal detectors for everyone on your holiday shopping list from adults to kids and young children.

Learn about the best models for sale from the first online retailer of metal detectors. Discover the top metal detectors for everyone on your holiday shopping list from adults to kids and young children.

Just ask any metal detectorist and they’ll tell you how important it is to feel confident in your metal detector supplier. Hobbyists rely on their equipment; they often have questions and need support when looking for the top metal detectors for sale. Also, there are many occupations which utilize metal detection equipment. Industrial and commercial users require expertise from professionals with field training and detector knowledge.

Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com said “From models for adults to the best kids metal detectors for the child on your holiday list, we have it all in stock for guaranteed holiday delivery!” He continued by adding “this year, we have many special bonus packages and discount offers from all of the top manufacturers including Garrett metal detectors and the popular Bounty Hunter brand as well.”

Quality metal detectors (and related accessories) are a large purchase, so wouldn’t it be great to establish a relationship with one metal detector company that you trust? In order to do that, it’s important to get to know your metal detector supplier. What are their strengths? What is the company’s business philosophy? We invite you to take a few minutes to learn “About MetalDetector.com”: the people, our mission and philosophy, Our Guarantee and a behind-the-scenes look at day-to-day operations at our warehouse.

Who We Are: Our Team, Philosophy and Values

According to Michael Bernzweig, co-owner of MetalDetector.com, “We are a family-owned business that’s been in operation for over 30 years. My brother Daniel & I take pride in the fact that we are second-generation owners. We are passionate about helping others enjoy this hobby to its full potential. Since childhood, Daniel and I have been avid treasure hunters, so we are knowledgeable about metal detectors and how to select the right equipment.”

The entire team at MetalDetector.com has a clear and guiding mission: to be the BEST choice among online retailers for purchasing metal detectors and equipment. How do we accomplish this? With Our Guarantee—along with providing the best total customer experience in the industry.

Here are some of the highlights of Our Guarantee at MetalDetector.com:

– The First Online Retailer of Metal Detectors: We sold our first metal detector online in the 1990’s!

A Proven Track Record: Approved and A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and Google Certified as a Google Trusted Store.

Factory Trained Product Specialists: Every member of our team receives ongoing training in relation to the equipment we sell. Individuals who are trained in the specific equipment that you have a question about are available to provide support.

Our No-Haggle, Best-Price Guarantee on Metal Detectors: The best pricing allowed by contract with each manufacturer.

Fast, Free Shipping with No Fine Print: Free ground shipping applies to all orders over $99.95 shipped within the continental United States.

The bottom line is: we want each and every customer to be satisfied. That’s why we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee; so you can feel confident making an online purchase with us.

Customer Service & Online Support

Do you have questions about ordering a metal detector online, how shipping is handled or if you can return or exchange merchandise? It’s easy to get all of your questions answered at MetalDetector.com before making a purchase. This way, you can feel 100% confident throughout the purchase process knowing that you’ll be satisfied with your transaction. Not only can you call our customer service center directly, we have LIVE CHAT, a “Call Me Back” feature and an Online Support Center. Our Online Support Center has answers to the most frequently asked questions about ordering products. You will see that the Online Support Center clearly explains how to determine the status of an order, get tracking details, cancel or update orders and other important ordering information.

The folks at MetalDetector.com are here to help you through every step of the metal detector shopping, ordering and customer support process. Please feel free to contact us any time during business hours by phone or Live Chat for professional advice. We do everything possible to further the hobby of metal detecting and the careers that involve metal detection equipment!

Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker is one of the best metal detectors for kids as it's easy to use and powerful enough to find hidden treasures.

For a child 8 and under there’s no better metal detector than the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker. While older children are big enough to use an adult metal detector with an adjustable arm, most children 8 and younger still need something smaller and lighter weight. That’s where the Junior Treasure Tracker comes in. We reviewed this detector over a year ago and thought we should take another look since it is one of the most popular kids detectors and there have also been new reviews submitted by customers.

Many metal detectors made for younger children sacrifice quality for a lower price tag. This is unfortunate though as lower quality machines often make metal detecting hard for children because they don’t have the features that are necessary to actually find treasure. The Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker is the opposite of all this though. It’s a child sized metal detector (the adjustable search pole extends to 27 inches and the metal detector weighs less than 2 lbs.) with a set of features you’d find on any other basic hobby detector made for adults.

The Junior Treasure Tracker also comes equipped with a 6.5 inch, water resistant search coil that’s able to find coin sized treasure upwards of 5 to 6 inches deep! Most metal detectors for kids can’t come close to this type of depth. With easy to distinguish audio tone this VLF (very low frequency) metal detector also helps kids zero in on their treasures while leaving behind trash.

Of course with children in mind the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker was designed to be easy to use as well. With a very simple interface and just two dial controls (1. Power/sensitivity and 2. Discrimination also known as Trash Elimination) children can focus on the fun of finding treasure instead of the technical aspects of running their cutting edge metal detector.

Now, let’s take a minute and read through some customer reviews we’ve received from people who have purchased the Junior Treasure Tracker to share the hobby of metal detecting with a child in their lives and see what they have to say about the machine.

D Keenan wrote These guys [Metaldetector.com] know their stuff and are a huge help deciding what is the best deal and product. I bought the Bounty Hunter Jr and an adult metal detector. Great family fun for Granddaughter and Grandson. Thank you!!

Picture of the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Metal Detector controls

One of the reasons why the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker metal detector is popular with kids is due to the controls being so easy to use.

Katie S writes – I bought 2 metal detectors for 2 of my grandsons, ages 4 and 6. They had been going on “treasure adventures” with their Dad for several months before getting these. Having their own has just made the adventure that much better ….

Scott B shares – I got this for my 6 year old daughter. I cannot believe how well it works. She is finding all kinds of stuff. I even used it to find a lost key ring and it found it ….

Parents and kids alike are happy with the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker. So, if you’re looking for a kids metal detector, be sure to fully review the Junior Treasure Tracker before making your purchase. While children’s metal detectors need to be easy to use and small, they don’t have to sacrifice quality to provide these other features. The Junior Treasure Tracker has combined an excellent machine into a child’s sized package for a complete kids metal detector that’s fun to use and actually finds a lot of treasure! For additional information visit our Bounty Hunter Junior product page. You can view additional stats, read the full manual, and more. Then you’ll see the difference between those other metal detectors for children and the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker!


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Bounty Hunter makes a full line of quality metal detectors that are fun yet easy to use for kids and adults.

Why Kids Love Metal Detecting

Kids Metal Detectors

When it comes to metal detecting for kids, you need to find the right beginners metal detector that is easy to use.

Helping “newbies” to select and get started with their first metal detector is something we pride are selves on. Nothing though, is more thrilling then when we help kids and children enter the hobby of metal detecting. Today we received a product review of the Fisher F2 from Martha who purchased the detector for her grandsons after consulting her Brother and his detecting friends. In her review, Martha shares why metal detecting is so wonderful for kids.  She mentions the history of the Civil War, coin collecting and how it’s a new hobby they will enjoy for many years to come.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

If you are a metal detecting hobbyist, it should come as no surprise when your son, daughter or grandchild wants to give your detector a whirl. It’s amazing how your child will transform into an eager and willing listener when you are teaching them how to find treasure with a metal detector. Why not get them involved in this fun and educational hobby at a young age? If you happen to have a one-touch or turn-on-and-go unit, it will be easy to teach a child the ropes. In any case, you can demonstrate how to scan the ground methodically and inspect every signal carefully.

“Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.”  –  Daniel Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com

There are professional quality metal detectors that are specifically designed for children; there are also ready-to-go detectors that are slightly more advanced—but ideal for kids ages 9 and up. These units are often equipped with target identification displays, visual depth indicators, audio tone and trash elimination modes and yes, they are easy to use. Beginner metal detectors are reasonably priced and sure to get years of use. Daniel Bernzweig, of MetalDetector.com points out, “Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.” When selecting a child’s metal detector, Daniel suggests two articles:  1. Best Kids Metal Detectors as it a buying & selection guide with specific models you can compare side-by-side and  2. What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? which is more of an overview of selecting metal detectors for kids of “any age”.