Long-Awaited X35: 35 Frequency Search Coils are Now Available!

The X35 DoubleD 35 Frequency Search coils for the DEUS Metal Detector

The X35 DoubleD 35 Frequency Search coils for the DEUS Metal Detector.

With the free Version 5 update for the XP DEUS metal detector, all-new search coils will allow you to utilize 35 frequencies! Select from frequencies ranging from 3.7 kHz to 27.7 kHz; in total, there are a whopping 35—based around 5 main frequencies. The new Version 5 BOOST mode when using low frequencies significantly increases detection depth on highly conductive targets- like silver. The highest frequencies (23-27.7 kHz) provide excellent sensitivity for finding small targets, as well as low conductive targets. Gold and silver targets overlooked before are now in your REACH!  See all-new X35 Search Coils below:

XP DEUS X35 Search Coils:

This is all-new technology with the XP DEUS Version 5 Update!

More Than One Search Coil Will Help with Your Success!

Adding a larger or smaller search coil can lead to increased finds.

Adding a larger or smaller search coil can lead to increased finds.

As a beginner, your first metal detector comes with a “standard” sized search coil—and that seems perfect. It signals metal objects, and it’s very exciting to hear beeps while checking out your LCD display for depth and ID. But did you know that search coils are interchangeable for different detecting purposes? As you grow into the hobby, you will learn that one size search coil doesn’t “fit all”- they come in several shapes and sizes. The standard search coil is typically 7-11″ with a sufficient scanning width—sensitive to a wide range of targets. Great for beginners, these medium-sized search coils are usually the best for coin hunting and general purpose treasure hunting.

Benefits of Smaller & Larger Search Coils

If you hunt trashier areas, however, a smaller search coil will help you find valuables. Junk-filled areas are easier to work with a smaller coil, which will separate responses from undesirable targets. Smaller search coils usually range from 3-6″ in diameter. Larger search coils (12″ diameter and larger) are designed to detect deeper targets—including treasure caches. Offering much more ground coverage, you can hit targets more quickly and deeply than other search coils. Among the larger coils are “DD” coils, which cover more ground and detect less mineralization in one sweep.

In summary, most manufacturers allow you to attach search coils of different sizes and shapes to your detector. As you grow into the hobby, you may decide to equip your detector with a different sized search coil based on your hunting preference. To find interchangeable search coils for your detector, see the “Related Products” information for your detector model or check out MetalDetector.com’s Search Coil Options.