Give Kids a Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving With A Metal Detector

The modern and easy to use Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector

The modern and easy to use Bounty Hunter Gold Metal Detector – a great choice for kids.

Giving children a gift that keeps on giving is often something we strive for during the Holidays, but rarely do gifts for kids actually end up meeting this lofty goal. Metal Detectors for kids are different though. When you give your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew or other lucky child a metal detector this Holiday season, you’ll be giving them a gift that will give back for many years to come in a variety of ways.

Introducing children to metal detecting through your Holiday gift can give them:

  • A chance to learn about history, geology, ecology, and much more.
  • Opportunities for exercise and fresh air.
  • A way to meet new people by joining metal detecting clubs and engaging with the community while out metal detecting.

Of course your Holiday gift also has the potential to give back by leading them toward valuable treasures as well. While there are many more “trash targets” dug up by metal detectorists than treasures, the potential exists to find something valuable with every outing. This alone is exciting for children and reason enough they’ll like your Holiday gift.  The other benefits of metal detectors for kids are just icing on the cake – or Holiday cookie.

To get you started here are 7 of our recommendations for the best metal detectors for kids.

Giving a gift that can give so much to its recipient isn’t always this easy. But it can be this year when you give the children on your Holiday shopping list a metal detector. Take a 2 or 3 minute read of our buying guide article (with video) entitled Selecting the Best Metal Detectors for Kids and Children.

Why a Metal Detector is a Great Holiday Gift Idea for Kids

when you give a child a metal detectorYou literally give them a gift that has the potential to give back throughout their entire lives.”

Choosing the best holiday gift for kids can be hard. Although they may have quite a few things on their wish list, the Holidays can also be an opportunity to introduce them to something new. Metal detectors are a good example of this. Many kids don’t think to put them on their Holiday wish lists yet metal detectors make great Holiday gifts for nearly any child on your list. Here are just a few reasons why.

Treasure Hunting is Fun

Metal detectors make such excellent gifts for kids because they get to actually hunt for, and usually find, treasure. There is no way to know what’s buried beneath your feet. Using a metal detector to find out is exciting, fun and may even help pay for college!

They’ll Get Out in the Fresh Air

While out treasure hunting with their new metal detector, children also get to spend time in the great outdoors. Some of the special places metal detectorists go to find treasure include parks, beaches, forests, and other beautiful locations.

Metal Detecting Provides Kids Time for Exercise

Exercise is another benefit the children in your life will receive when you give them a metal detector this Holiday season. Walking around all of the interesting, picturesque locations you go with a metal detector as well as digging up all the targets the machine locates gets you moving and feeling great whenever you head out.

There Are Opportunities for Learning As Well

The chance to learn more about a range of subjects is always present when you’re out metal detecting. History, Geology, Environmentalism, Biology, Communication, Electronics, and more will be broached when you’re out metal detecting with kids.

As you can see, when you give a child a metal detector, you give them so much more than just a machine. You literally give them a gift that has the potential to give back throughout their entire lives. That said, be sure to choose a real metal detector to give to the lucky child in your life, not one “made for children”. This way, she or he will get to actually have success with their new hobby and not end up heading home, frustrated due to limited machine capability. Look for light weight, quality metal detectors with adjustable handles and set and go controls. These features will ensure an easy to use, yet high functioning metal detector for kids; a gift that they’ll remember for many Holidays to come. We make selecting the best unit easy for you with our buyers guide article Best Kids Metal Detectors.

Tip: Looking for more fun ideas for kids? Check out the Mommy Insider, a fun parenting and lifestyle blog for mothers.

Kids are Sure to Appreciate a Metal Detector this Summer

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Metal detecting is a hobby the entire family can enjoy. Metal detectors for kids make the perfect gift idea for children of all ages.

Shopping for Children this Summer?  

It can be hard to find gifts for kids that are exciting and educational. That’s where metal detectors come in. When you give a child a metal detector, you not only give them that machine, you also offer them a route into a potentially life long hobby that’s filled with education, fun, treasure, and so much more.

When Can a Child Begin Metal Detecting?

By about 6 or 7 years old children can manage their own metal detector and nearly all of them that try it have a fantastic time. Younger children interested in metal detecting can also participate. There are pinpointers they can use as well as shovels, sandscoops and other types of metal detecting tools like these smaller children can use to help their sibling or parent while metal detecting.

Which is the Best Metal Detector to Give a Child?

For many, the toy store would be the obvious place to begin your search for a children’s metal detector. However, a machine that is a toy first and a metal detector second will not yield real results for your little treasure hunter; and she or he will almost certainly become frustrated and quickly lose interest in metal detecting.

Instead, the best metal detector to give a child is a real machine that has an adjustable handle and that’s lightweight. This way, the metal detector can grow with your child and, it’s easy to maneuver. From there you’ll want to look at the feature set and be sure the metal detector isn’t overly complicated to use. That said, you’ll want the machine to be able to offer the child learning opportunities as well so it shouldn’t be too easy to use either. For some recommendations on the best metal detectors for kids as well as specific features to look for and more, see our buyers guide article “Best Kids Metal Detectors”.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Detecting for Kids?

There are a variety of reasons kids of any age will thoroughly enjoy receiving a metal detector this Summer including:

  • Metal detectors help you explore your surroundings.

  • They teach you about history, geology, electronics, and the environment.

  • When you go metal detecting you spend the entire time outside.

  • You also spend the entire time exercising.

Oh, and don’t forget the opportunity metal detectors give kids to find valuable treasure! Although most metal detectorists will tell you they’re not in it for the money, the opportunity to find a piece of gold, antique jewelry, precious stones, coins, or other treasure is always present. What child wouldn’t love a gift that offered this level of fun and excitement?

When you give a child a metal detector, you’ll get to give them a gift that will keep giving back to them for many years to come. Not only do they get to benefit from all the educational opportunities, and health benefits that come with every use of your gift, each time they find a special treasure, they’ll think of you. So give the special child(ren) in your life a metal detector this Summer and watch them light up with excitement you can feel good about.

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What to Look for in a Beginner Metal Detector

Introducing kids of any age to metal detecting can give them the opportunity to enjoy a hobby that can help them learn about history, geology, science, electronics, and so much more.  Not only that, they’ll enjoy exercising in the great outdoors, digging up unknown treasure, and maybe even cashing in on what they find!  Some of the things kids might find while out metal detecting include

  • jewelry
  • coins
  • antique toys
  • colonial buttons
  • civil war relics
  • gold and precious minerals
  • meteorites

A beginner metal detector is usually fairly good at finding all of these types of targets.  However, there are more advanced machines on the market you can work up to that are designed to be more sensitive to one type of treasure or another.

Important Features for Kids

Children’s metal detectors should also be lightweight, and feature an adjustable handle.  This way no matter what size your child is he or she can comfortably hold and swing the metal detector for hours of enjoyment.  For more on what to look for in a children’s metal detector, please review these related articles from our learning library.

Best Kids Metal Detectors

The Perfect Metal Detectors for Teens

What Are The Best Beginner Metal Detectors

How to Find a Good Children’s Metal Detector

Metal detectors are ideal for kids.  When children go metal detecting they get outside, find treasure, enjoy exercise, learn about science, history, geology, and the list goes on!  When you’re looking for a children’s metal detector don’t head to the toy store.  Instead, there are a variety of quality children’s metal detectors made by metal detector companies that will actually help your child find treasure and enjoy the hobby of metal detecting.

Which children’s metal detector is the best for your child depends on a few factors.  You’ll want to consider –

  • Your child’s size
  • Their previous experience with metal detecting
  • His or Her age
  • Their physical fitness level
  • Your budget

There are a variety of metal detectors to choose from that, although they’re used by adults, can also accommodate children because they’re easy to use, lightweight, and many feature an adjustable handle.  For more information on finding the best children’s metal detector for your child, please enjoy these related articles from our learning library.

Best Kids Metal Detectors

What Are The Best Beginners Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors: A Holiday Gift Any Kid Will Enjoy

The Holidays are really all about the children. But, what are the best gifts to give them

Pictured above: The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector. recommends this metal detector for kids who are 8 years old and younger or who are small for their age.

to celebrate the season?  Most children already have so many toys they don’t really need anymore.  Video games are fun, but not always the best way for children to spend their time.  How about metal detectors?

As a person who has been metal detecting my whole life, I can say without hesitation that metal detecting is a great hobby for any child to get into.  By about 6  years old a child can handle his or her own metal detector.  Prior to that, 4 and 5 year olds love to help adults or older children dig up their finds and they can be taught a great deal about metal detecting to prepare them to handle their own machine in a few years.

One of the things you’ll want to be careful of when shopping for a metal detector for a child is to avoid getting a “children’s metal detector” or a “toy detector”.  Instead, look for traditional metal detectors that are adjustable.  This way, your child will have a quality machine that will fit their smaller stature, and actually grow with them.  Not only that though, they’ll actually find targets.

Many metal detectors that are made specifically for children are more toy than actual metal detector.  This results in few if any treasures and frustrated, unhappy kids who give up the hobby quickly.  On the other hand, when you provide them with the opportunity to use a quality metal detector, the child can actually enjoy metal detecting because they’re able to locate and retrieve targets successfully.

In addition to a metal detector with an adjustable handle, depending on the child’s age and skill level, you’ll probably want to choose a machine that’s easy to operate.  Look for a model that offers “Set and Go” features to find those metal detectors that are less technical to operate.  Tip: Review our buying guide article for complete information, including all of the metal detector models we recommend for kids. Some of our favorite metal detectors for kids include:

Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 Metal Detector – Beginer’s detector, 3 tone audio and visual display. Also see Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector – Visual display and 3 detecting modes. Also see Garrett Ace 250

Fisher F2 Metal Detector – A well rounded offering of performance and ease of use

Metal Detecting has a lot to offer children. It’s not only exciting to find and dig up treasures, but metal detecting also provides kids with physical exercise as well as educational opportunities in subjects like history, geology, and electronics, plus much, much more.  So, whether you’re looking for a Holiday gift for your child, grandchild, or other special young person in your life, get them a metal detector and give them a gift this Holiday season that could introduce them to skills that will last a lifetime – while also bringing them a lot of fun and excitement!

Kids Holiday Gift Surprise: A Metal Detector!

They Won’t Believe their Eyes!

My fifth grader is studying about India and China in the 16th Century—learning about once powerful emperors and how commercial trade began. He isn’t thrilled to write school reports about the subject, but we were both interested to learn that new discoveries have been found along the Silk Road. Treasure hunters are the source of new-found artifacts that now put different trading posts and settlers in the history books. This has awakened my son’s curiosity about archeology and how history is documented. And I’m excited that he wants to learn!

A Learning Tool and Adventure All Wrapped up in One

To fuel his interest in social studies and world history, he will be getting a metal detector for Christmas this year. Of course, it’s a surprise… he doesn’t know it will be his big gift. A metal detector is a “gadget” that kids love to learn to operate, but from a parent’s perspective—it’s a learning tool! Each time my son uncovers an item with his detector, he will carefully examine it and speculate where it came from. This is the hand’s-on aspect that teachers are encouraging more and more. I’m not even going to mention the part about finding money, because I don’t want that to be his main focus. But I’m sure we’ll be visiting a “Coinstar” machine in no time. We will likely start him with the Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500 because this model is easy to use and adjustable for kids; also a great price for the value! If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for your child, pre-teen or teenager, this kids guide lists suggested models: Best Kids Metal Detectors.

Metal Detector Reviews

Before purchasing a metal detector, it is always important to read metal detector reviews and ratings.  To make your holiday shopping easy or shopping at any time of the year, every metal detector on our website includes

Michael Bernzweig of said that "When searching for the best metal detector, many of our customers read the metal detector reviews on our site from past customers to learn how models like the Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointer really works where it counts, in the field!"

Michael Bernzweig of said that "When searching for the best metal detector, many of our customers read the metal detector reviews on our site from past customers to learn how models like the Garrett Pro-Pointer pinpointer really works where it counts, in the field!"

reviews from consumers. In fact, we have hundreds of reviews on not only the metal detectors we carry but many of the accessories too. To help you compare models by the type of detecting you will be doing, read our metal detector reviews found in the articles section of our Learning Library. These buying guide articles will help you pick out the best model for you. In the articles, you will find all the best metal detector reviews by the type of item you are searching for such as coins, jewelry, relics or by usage as in gold prospecting or under water detectors for scuba diving.

Metal Detector Reviews from our Customers

While our reviews will help sort out your choices, there is nothing like the real world experiences that you will find in the reviews from our customers. Some of the most popular units for holiday gift giving include the Garrett Ace 250 (36 Reviews), the Garrett AT Pro (51 reviews) and the Bounty Hunter Platinum (83 reviews).  Michael Bernzweig of said “We know that many of our customers are looking for metal detectors for kids for the holidays. We have also put together a section that will help you easily compare all of the top metal detectors for sale on our site. This section also includes our current ten best metal detectors.”

Why Kids Love Metal Detecting

Kids Metal Detectors

When it comes to metal detecting for kids, you need to find the right beginners metal detector that is easy to use.

Helping “newbies” to select and get started with their first metal detector is something we pride are selves on. Nothing though, is more thrilling then when we help kids and children enter the hobby of metal detecting. Today we received a product review of the Fisher F2 from Martha who purchased the detector for her grandsons after consulting her Brother and his detecting friends. In her review, Martha shares why metal detecting is so wonderful for kids.  She mentions the history of the Civil War, coin collecting and how it’s a new hobby they will enjoy for many years to come.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

If you are a metal detecting hobbyist, it should come as no surprise when your son, daughter or grandchild wants to give your detector a whirl. It’s amazing how your child will transform into an eager and willing listener when you are teaching them how to find treasure with a metal detector. Why not get them involved in this fun and educational hobby at a young age? If you happen to have a one-touch or turn-on-and-go unit, it will be easy to teach a child the ropes. In any case, you can demonstrate how to scan the ground methodically and inspect every signal carefully.

“Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.”  –  Daniel Bernzweig of

There are professional quality metal detectors that are specifically designed for children; there are also ready-to-go detectors that are slightly more advanced—but ideal for kids ages 9 and up. These units are often equipped with target identification displays, visual depth indicators, audio tone and trash elimination modes and yes, they are easy to use. Beginner metal detectors are reasonably priced and sure to get years of use. Daniel Bernzweig, of points out, “Kids are very visual, so you may want to select a model with a graphic target ID display. It will identify the targets – good or bad – so they can make an educated decision to dig, or just keep walking.” When selecting a child’s metal detector, Daniel suggests two articles:  1. Best Kids Metal Detectors as it a buying & selection guide with specific models you can compare side-by-side and  2. What are the Best Beginners Metal Detectors? which is more of an overview of selecting metal detectors for kids of “any age”.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter Junior is one of the best metal detectors for kids and can help them easily find hidden treasures buried in the ground.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing the eyes of a child light up the first time they discover treasure. While there are lots of toy like metal detectors on the market, the Bounty Hunter Junior is a professional quality metal detector – just kid-sized. In fact, this is the only metal detector that we offer for kids under 8, and for good reason – so read on!

Looking for hidden treasures using a metal detector is something most kids dream of doing. With the right detector in hand, it can be a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Getting metal detectors for kids encourages youngsters to explore the outdoors. The Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker is the perfect model metal detector to introduce young children, typically 3 and older, to this enjoyable past time. One that is perfect for kids of all ages! This model is a great choice when looking for a kids metal detector for ages 8 and under.

What Can You Find with the Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker?

This children’s metal detector is perfect for finding coins, jewelry and other treasures at the beach. It is sensitive to all precious metals including gold and silver. You can expect to find targets in the 4-5 inch range, well within the reach of any youngster. Just equip them with a sand scoop sifter or plastic trowel and let them explore the beach! Sifting through the sand is easy and there is lots to discover. Who knows they may even turn up an interesting sea shell or toy in their search.

This Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker metal detector even has many of the same controls as adult model detectors, yet comes in a smaller size that’s just right for children. This model includes a full discrimination control to filter out unwanted junk like foil and soda can pull tabs. Just like an adult metal detector, it features a full display that will show the intensity of the target signal and provides a low battery alert. The on off control doubles as a sensitivity adjustment as well. This control will allow you to turn out interference from power lines and other electronics. Both the visual indicator on the display and a large external speaker will alert your youngster when a target has been located. This model is manufactured by First Texas Products. They are one of the top producers of adult metal detectors and are located in El Paso, Texas. This unit comes with a full one year warranty that covers both parts and labor.

The Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker manual provides detailed information on the operation of this metal detector. A video on this model is included on the product page. Be sure to read our article entitled “Selecting Metal Detectors for Kids” for help choosing the best metal detector for kids and children of any age.

We are happy to say that this is a kids metal detector that’s not only easy to use, it provides lots of great features just like adult-sized detectors. This Bounty Hunter metal detector is one of the best metal detectors for kids, making it one of the best metal detector choices when taking the whole family out for a day of coin, jewelry and beach hunting.

Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker Display

The Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker display is easy to read for kids and allows them find buried treasures like jewelry and coins.

The  Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker is perfect to use in school yards, parks, sand boxes and beaches. This is ideal for a family day out looking for some of the many hidden treasures that are out there just waiting to be found. Make the day even more fun by creating a friendly competition to see who can find the oldest coins or the most coins.

Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Reviews from Actual Users:

Mamma  said:  “We got this for our 8 year-old son…. he loves it! It’s perfect for him… Easy to use… no assembly.”

Donna said:  “We bought this metal detector for our 6 yr old son for Christmas. He has had a blast using it and thinks he has struck gold every time he finds a coin…. simple for him to use…. perfect height … instructions are easy to understand… no assembly required … great 1st time detector… especially for small hands.”

As you can see, reviews are proving that the Bounty Hunter Treasure Tracker is providing kids with everything they need to be successful in their treasure hunting adventures.

Your entire family will have fun with this professionally made child sized detector. This model does not include the two 9 volt batteries required, so be sure to order those. Aside from the metal detector, we suggest the optional Starter Kit for the Bounty Hunter Junior Treasure Tracker. This kit includes a carry case, batteries and everything else that you will need to get started. No matter what hidden treasures you discover or where your adventures take you, you are sure to have lots of fun with this hobby.