Hunting For Meteorites Among Pesky Hot Rocks?

The meteorites you see here were found by one of our customers.

The meteorites you see here were found by one of our customers.

Meteorite hunting is a thrilling hobby, with falls being reported all the time. Here’s a question we often get: “Which metal detector best cancels out “hot rocks” without discriminating metallic iron?” A great question… since meteorites contain iron-nickel metal!  Seasoned meteorite hunters point to the XP DEUS as one of the best detectors for the task, because it is sensitive to both nickel and iron. Famed meteorite hunter Twink Monrad has located most of her meteorites using the XP DEUS’s exclusive “Goldfield setting.” Read her story Meteorite Hunting with my XP DEUS Detector.


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Maine Mineral and Gem Museum Offers $20,000 Reward for Piece of Rangeley, ME Meteorite Fall!

A meteorite Fall was recorded on police video Tuesday Morning. If you were lucky enough to see this extraordinary event, you watched a historic event. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is offering a reward for the first one-kilogram meteorite recovered from this fall!

”Barbra Barrett, Mineral and Gem Museum director, said in a press release “This is an exciting opportunity and we need the public’s help,”  We spoke with the Museum staff this afternoon and confirmed that the $20,000 reward noted in their press release is still available.

Police Video of Tuesday’s Meteorite Fall in Rangeley, Maine Region

According to the Boston website “Based on hundreds of eyewitness accounts collected and analyzed by the American Meteor Society, scientists were able to pinpoint that the meteoroid entered Earth’s atmosphere over Maine, and it’s terminal explosion—the bright flash that most people witnessed, which usually coincides with fragmentation of the fireball—occurred about 30 kilometers, or about 18.6 miles, west of Rangeley, Maine.”

Michael Bernzweig of said today: “The top metal detector model for locating meteorites is the XP DEUS Metal Detector.” In December of 2013 Twink Monrad and metal detecting partner Don Morin joined some meteorite hunting friends at the Franconia, Arizona strewn meteorite field using the DEUS. Complete details are shown in the article entitled “XP DEUS Meteorite Find Classified by Dr. Garvie at Arizona State University.” In another article entitled “Meteorite Hunting with my XP DEUS Detector” Twink said “I was able to find a buried Gold Basin meteorite and my hunting partner Don found two Gold Basin meteorites with his DEUS with 11” coil.