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1857 US $1 gold coin found while metal detecting.

Sonya found this 1857 US gold coin. Read her story and others below.

A great way to stay connected with the metal detecting community and get inspiration is by visiting “My Metal Detector Finds” at It is under our “Community” tab where detectorists submit stories about their treasure finds with a metal detector. YOU can also submit your story about a personal find for a chance to win a prize! It’s exciting to see that hobbyists are unearthing Revolutionary-period relics, gold coins, ancient artifacts and all kinds of treasure every day. Submissions are usually just a quick paragraph or 2 with a photo. Some treasure magazines have yearly competitions, but the “My Finds” submission period is every three months with new prizes. Here are some recent exciting “My Finds” stories submitted by our site readers. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

  • Jan. 2017:  Sonya from Indiana Uncovered a Gold Coin!

Sonya was searching a farmer’s field that was once an old homestead when her detector signaled. It was music to her ears, as she had stumbled across an 1857 $1 gold coin! Read her story

  • Feb., 2017:  James from Louisiana Found a Pendant Stamped 1694!

What an incredible find! James was hunting in his own neighborhood field when he discovered a pendant stamped “1694” on both sides. It may have been dropped by French explorers as Robert de La Salle explored this river. Read about this intriguing find

  • Feb. 2017:  Big Time Beginner’s Luck in Rhode Island!

    Lost for 10 years, this gold Texas A&M ring was found and returned to owner.

    Gold Texas A&M ring, found and returned to owner.

This new Rhode Island hobbyist decided to give metal detecting a try after watching reality detecting shows. With an entry-level detector, “Indigo Digger” found silver coins, Civil War buttons, 1800’s Indian Head pennies and more! Check out Indigo Digger’s awesome story!

  • Feb., 2017:  Gold & Diamond Ring Found and Returned to Owner

Otis from Palestine, Texas is definitely a good Samaritan!  After purchasing a “DD” coil for his detector, Otis found a men’s gold ring with a big diamond. The owner’s name was engraved on it, so he was able to locate the owner in Houston, TX. Otis- you’re a great guy and this is inspirational! Read Otis’s story


“My Metal Detecting Finds”

Have an exciting discovery of your own to share? Be sure to share it and also vote for your favorite finds at!

Backyard Treasures: Real Finds from People’s Own Property

1857 US one dollar gold coin found by a metal detector.

1857 US one dollar gold coin found by a metal detectorist at an old home site.

Have you checked YOUR backyard with a metal detector? The first question asked by new detecting hobbyists is “Where should I start hunting?” Believe it or not, the most obvious answer is the best: in your own backyard! And don’t forget to check the sides and front of your home, condo or apartment. You never know what’s been dropped or stashed there. If you live in an older home or property where old farm houses, sheds or buildings were, this is especially true. But even in newer neighborhoods, the soil could have been deposited from another location dating back hundreds of years ago.

Amazing Backyard Treasures:

According to an article on the National Geographic website, these amateur detectorists really DID find BIG treasure—just by detecting out back!

  • Underground Stolen Money:  In 1946, U.S. Army postal inspectors used a military metal detector to search a deceased postal employee’s backyard who was believed to have stolen money. They uncovered $153,150 buried in his backyard stashed in jars and cans!
  • Buried Model T:  1966: In Detroit, a man wielding a metal detector unearthed a Model T Ford that was buried in his backyard 40 years before.
  • JFK Conspiracy Info?:  In 1975, an amateur treasure hunter found a bullet where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The FBI determined that the bullet was different than the type fired by alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.
  • Confederate Shell:  1997- Virginia: Two young boys using a metal detector unearthed a live Confederate Army artillery shell in their grandfather’s backyard.

Search Your Neighborhood for Big Treasure!

Even if you don’t find big treasure in your backyard, it may lie right around the corner!  An avid detectorist and author revealed that he got permission to search his local church grounds and found: three Indian head pennies, a rosary ring, four clad quarters and a 1797 Connecticut large cent.

Search your OWN backyard and neighborhood, and tell us about YOUR great finds at’s  “My Metal Detecting Finds!”  Your story will be entered into a contest to win a Makro Waterproof Pointer.


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First Treasures: Inspiring Top My Finds Story

9 Year Old Anna of Ohio showing off her recent find.

9 Year Old Anna of Ohio showing off her recent find.

It is always exciting to see young treasure hunters get involved in the hobby of metal detecting. Earlier this year, one of the top finds stories was submitted by Tim Clark. Tim is an avid metaldetectorist and the uncle of a young new treasure hunter in Ohio named Anna. The story is entitled “Gold on the First Try!” and is a fun and quick read.

Tim Clark wrote in to say “Just wanted to share with you a photo of Anna with her new Makro pin pointer. Although I’m the one that submitted her story, she definitely deserved the prize. She was so thrilled! Her first words to her Dad after receiving it? “Let’s go metal detecting right now!”

I think I’m now Anna’s favorite great-Uncle!

Thanks again,

Tim Clark
Mansfield, Ohio

Anna pictured with the Makro Pointer her uncle recently presented her with.

Anna pictured with the Makro Pointer her uncle recently presented her with.

PS I first started detecting early in 2014; since then, five of my friends have bought metal detectors because of my passion for the hobby.”

Editors note: Our family has been involved in the hobby for over forty years. Michael and Daniel Bernzweig started with their first metal detectors at the ages of 5 and 10 respectively. That was 1975 – since that time, our family hobby and passion has turned into a full time business. We love seeing others get started with their first metal detectors.

Check Out My Metal Detector Finds Section For Great Treasure Finds Stories

We all like a good metal detecting finds story, that’s a fact.  Whether you’re the storyteller or the listener, tales of someone researching, working hard, and then finding a beautiful treasure buried underground have always been exciting and entertaining; and they always will be.  With this in mind, we decided to create the “My Finds” section of

This new section of the website is devoted to sharing all the real life metal detecting treasure stories you can tell.  Whether it’s a coin, a piece of antique jewelry, a gold nugget, an old war relic, or anything else you’ve found with your metal detector that you think is unique, valuable or just plain interesting you can now share your story on for all to read and enjoy.

Not only do you get to share your amazing story though, you also could win a very special prize just for telling us about your metal detecting find.  To get started and share your story on the “My Finds” page, all you need to do is follow these few simple steps:

  1. Head over to

  2. Hover over the “Community” tab on our Home Page Menu

  3. You’ll now see a section for “My Finds” with a link to either view the stories, or submit your story.  Click “Submit Your Story”.

  4. You’ll now see a screen with several fields to complete including your personal information, the brand, model, etc. of you metal detector, along with a space to tell your story, upload photos, and even link to a youtube video.

  5. Once you’ve got everything the way you want it, click the green “Submit” button and your metal detecting finds story will be on it’s way to us.

Share Your Story – Be Entered to Win

After we receive your story we’ll review it, and, as long as it’s appropriate, we’ll get it posted to the “My Finds” page right away.  You’ll also be entered to win the prize for that time period.  Be sure to check in frequently to see how many people have viewed your story and how they’ve rated it.  And, if you have other stories about your metal detecting finds, please, submit them as well!

It’s sharing stories like these about the excitement, and success of metal detecting that make the hours of preparation and fieldwork inspiring and enjoyable. These stories are often what introduce new metal detectorists to the hobby as well.  So, if you’ve got a story about your metal detecting find(s), visit today and we’ll help you share it with the world. Plus, you may even win an awesome prize!

Submit Entry to My Metal Detector Finds Sweepstakes for Chance to Win a Makro Pointer

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Many of the stories submitted will be featured online in the My Metal Detector finds section of the website. As you read the metal detector finds stories, be sure to vote up your favorite My Finds story!

We hope that you have fun reading the stories which include some of the most interesting and best treasure hunting finds from around the world. See the official rules on the My Metal Detector Finds submission page for complete details.

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When it is off, the coil’s magnetic transmission is disconnected. This eliminates the possibility of interference from other metal detectors. This also prevents the Makro Pointer from being detected as a target.

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