Free Pinpointer with Any Purchase of $300! Learn Why Metal Detector Pinpointers are Essential

Find your target two to three times faster.

A pinpointer will allow you to find your target two to three times faster.

If you are new to the hobby of metal detecting—congratulations! Exciting adventures await for you. As you start locating metal targets, you will soon see that pinpointing them can be challenging. Your detector will signal, but you will probably dig up hole after hole before finding your target. This can get frustrating, which is why experts strongly recommend utilizing a detecting pinpointer.

Why Experts Recommend Pinpointers

Detectorist Phil Goodson says , “Even if your metal detector has ‘pinpoint mode’, a hand-held pinpointer is worth EVERY penny! It’s a valuable tool that saves you time, effort, and money.”  It also cuts down on your digging time. He points out that a pinpointer narrows your search area to an inch or so for quickly locating a small coin or piece of jewelry. Goodson says on his first time out detecting, he found a gold ring, because his brother handed him a pinpointer. “There was only grass under the coil. Using my brother’s pinpointer, I was able to zero in on my target. I cut a small plug of grass and soil and started to pull it apart. I noticed a small strip of yellow metal about 1/4 inch wide embedded in the clay. I showed my brother, who said, “Are you kidding me?” “That’s gold! You’ve found your first gold ring!” This is how the passion of metal detecting begins!

Pinpointers on Sale at stocks the best, most popular pinpointers on the market! Right now, the Garrett Pro-Pinpointer II and Garrett Pro-Pointer AT are sale-priced, as well as the Makro Pointer and White’s Bullseye TRX. Be sure to check out the new XP MI-4 Pinpointer, with great features it’s a value you simply can’t afford to miss.

FREE PINPOINTER- Free with any Purchase of $300 or More. (Discount shown in cart)

The Bounty Hunter Pinpointer pinpoints the exact location of buried metal objects to less than an inch. While the units mentioned above offer greater performance, this Pinpointer was designed to be used with any metal detector to help precisely locate coins and other treasures. It’s a great way to see for yourself if investing in one of the top units we have spoken about today would be right for you.

Note: See all models of Pinpointers here.


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How to Find More with Your Metal Detector – 5 Tips for Increasing the Number of Targets You Locate

Whenever you go treasure hunting with your metal detector the more targets you locate the better. Unfortunately, we all go through what we might call “dry spells”; periods where you just don’t find anything, and if you do get a hit, it’s trash. While most metal detectorists will say “Oh well, it’s still a lot of fun just to be out detecting” on trips that don’t yield any treasures, there’s no denying the excitement that comes along with hitting on a valuable target!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you find more with your metal detector so you can enjoy fewer dry spells and many more trips filled with targets that turn out to be true treasures.

Use A Hand Held Pinpointer

The new XP Pinpointer known as the MI-6 features: Rechargeable battery, Submersible up to 20 feet, Connection via radio link to the DEUS and more!.

The MI-6 Pinpointer from XP Metal Detectors.

Probably one of the best tips we can give you to help you find more treasures with your metal detector is to use a pinpointer. Even if your metal detector offers a built in pinpointer having a hand held device can not only allow you to zero in on the targets your machine does find, but, once you dig up that initial target, a hand held pinpointer can often help you find even more in and around that first hole you dug.

Dig Beyond The Target Your Machine Found

As we mentioned above, digging beyond the first target your machine finds is another way to increase the number of treasures you’re able to locate with your metal detector whether you have a pinpointer or not. Usually, there isn’t just one civil war button, coin or gold nugget – there’s several – and if you keep digging (carefully) you’ll find them as well as your initial target.

Use Headphones

Headphones can help you find more targets with your metal detector by giving your ear the opportunity to hear all of the small changes in sound a target can make. Many of these slight changes in pitch can be missed w/the naked ear, especially if there is ambient noise. With headphones however these notifications from your machine are much less likely to be missed and, as a result, you’ll be able to locate more treasures. See all Headphones

Invest in Additional Search Coils

Most metal detectors come with a medium search coil as standard issue equipment.  Having search coils of varying size and/or configuration though is another way to increase the targets your metal detector finds. Each search coil is designed to search best in different situations. Having several on hand allows you to search as much of the ground as possible thereby resulting in more targets overall.

Do Your Research

While it’s fine to just go out metal detecting (as long as you have permission ) doing a bit of research before you head out can be very helpful. The more you know about the area the better you’ll be at finding good places to go treasure hunting. While the internet may come to mind first, the library and local town offices are excellent places to begin your research. Read more on researching new metal detecting sites

The more of these metal detecting tips you can apply during your treasure hunts, the more targets you’ll find. So, be sure to do whatever you can and increase the number of treasures you find with your metal detector easily.

Must Have Metal Detector Digging Tools

Picture of the Lesche All Purpose Shovel

Digging tools such as the Lesche All Purpose Shovel will help you retrieve targets faster and with less effort.

When you go metal detecting, you’ll need to have more with you than just your machine. Metal detector digging tools are just as important or you won’t be able to unearth what you find. Here is our list of the best metal detector digging tools so you can be sure you’re prepared for proper target retrieval.

Digging Trowel

A metal detector digging trowel is quite different than the trowel you have used in your garden. Stronger and made of hardened stainless steel, a metal detecting trowel is designed for a long life even when frequently used in harsh conditions.

Metal Detecting Shovel

A proper metal detecting shovel is another one of the must have metal detector digging tools on our list. Unlike traditional shovels, a metal detecting shovel is compact, and lightweight so it’s easier to use and carry. Although not to be used in every application, if you’re metal detecting in previously disturbed ground or searching for deeply buried treasures, a metal detecting shovel is the digging tool you’ll need.

Pictured above is the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector

Pictured above is the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector


Although not technically a metal detector digging tool, a pinpointer helps with digging up treasures so much we had to list it here. A pinpointer helps you zero in on your target and as a result, reduces digging time and makes finding your target safer as well. Look below for our buying guide article on pinpointers or to see one of the most popular units now, check out the Garrett Pro-Pointer.

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Retrieving Your Metal Detecting Targets the Right Way

Having the best metal detector to find treasure isn’t enough, you’ve also got to have the proper digging tools and target retrieval skills as well. Without this, your treasures will remain underground, or worse, you’ll dig them up incorrectly and damage both the target and the ground permanently.

The type of soil you’ll be hunting in as well as the depth of your targets will help determine the digging tools you’ll need to do the job. Sand scoops, digging knives, and metal detector shovels are all possible options for different circumstances. Then you’ll also want to carry a pinpointer in order to help you dig up as little ground as possible to retrieve your metal detecting targets. A good example of having the correct digging tools for tough conditions would be the US 1835 Half Dime found in hard clay by Tommy Cranmore of Tennessee.

Digging as small and as few holes as possible, as well as refilling all the holes you do dig is an important responsibility for all metal detectorists when it comes to retrieving metal detecting targets. Take a look at the Treasure Hunter’s Code of Ethics all metal detectorists observe and promote for more. You’ll also enjoy these other articles related to the best metal detecting tools for proper target retrieval from our learning library.

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Metal Detecting Accessories and Necessities


How to Use a Metal Detector to Find Antique Glass Bottles

Antique glass bottles can be worth a great deal of money these days, and metal detectors can help you find them.  Some, like milk jugs, had metal on their lids.  Generally speaking though, metal detectors are used to establish the location of old dump sites and privy pits where antique glass bottles, and other former trash now considered treasures, can be found.

A deep penetrating metal detector with a large search coil and the ability to operate at a lower frequency will be the best choice for finding these old junk piles and the antique glass bottles located there.  Look for what’s called a “relic hunting metal detector” for the feature set required for finding antique bottles.  Once you locate a good digging site, you’ll then want a pinpointer to help you zero in on individual targets before digging.  This will help you search safely and without damaging any of the delicate glass bottles you’re hoping to find. One last item to have would be a quality shovel such as the Lesche brand of shovel.

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How Metal Detecting Can Teach Us About History

History is all around us.  Books, architecture, music, and more abound reminding us of the times when they were first created.  But, we miss a great deal as well because so many historical items remain buried underground.  One of the ways these as yet unfound antiques and historical pieces can be enjoyed again is through metal detecting.

Using a metal detector, kids, adults, and seniors alike can all feel the thrill of unearthing a bit of history that would otherwise have been forever lost.  Not only that, these special artifacts help give us a glimpse into days gone by.  The types of objects used at that time, the materials required to make them, how that differs from today, and more is all right there, literally, in your hands.  No history book can compare to that type of experience!

Metal Detectors and Relics

The best metal detector for finding these still buried antiques and relics of “yesteryear” is a low frequency metal detector.  This means the machine is able to detect metals with a lower conductivity like brass, iron, and steel; the same types of metals widely used throughout history.

You’ll also want a relic hunting metal detector with a manual ground balance control.  Having a precise, manual ground balance control will allow you to easily fine tune the machine to whatever type of ground conditions exist so you’ll be able to detect even the smallest button or antique coin without the interference of the chatter created by soils with heavy mineralization.

A pinpointer is also important when looking for antique relics.  These types of targets range in size so much, and are often so valuable it’s wise to have a pinpointer along with you when metal detecting.  You can find metal detectors with built in pinpointers, or, you can purchase a separate pinpointer to have along with you.  Either way, a pinpointer will help you focus right in on your target reducing digging time, and, more importantly, keeping your treasures safe from a misplaced shovel or digging tool.

In addition, be sure to consider who will be metal detecting with you.  It’s an excellent hobby for the whole family, but, to make it easy for everyone to use the machine, you’ll want to consider a lighter weight model, as well as one with an adjustable handle.  Depending on your location a waterproof metal detector may also be important to allow you to search in places like creek beds and beaches.

Care and Preservation of Relics

Once you’ve found an antique historical artifact, be sure to clean it up very gently with warm water and maybe a soft toothbrush.  With proper care and preservation, relics found with a metal detector can be enjoyed by future generations. Or, for your best bet, take your treasure to a professional so this unique piece of previously lost history can look it’s very best for it’s second act.  Then, do your research and you’re sure to learn a great deal about the past through this precious treasure you’ve just found today.

Metal Detectors as Christmas Gifts for Her

Yesterday we posted, “Metal Detectors as Christmas Gifts for Him.” But how about the ladies in your life? Many women are discovering the hobby of metal detecting, so today’s post is all about Christmas gifts for women – detector style!

The Perfect Gift for Women from your Holiday Gift List

Ready to start your Holiday shopping?  The perfect gift idea for all the ladies on your list may just be a metal detector.  Often thought of as a hobby for the guys, more and more women are getting into metal detecting – and for good reason.  Metal detecting is a fun and exciting pastime that gets you up and outside for exercise, helps you learn more about your area as well as history in general, and, makes it possible to find priceless treasure.  With all this to offer, why not introduce your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter, or granddaughter to metal detecting this Holiday season by giving her a metal detector or accessory!

If the woman you’re shopping for hasn’t been metal detecting before, there are a variety of metal detectors that are ideal for new users.  These machines feature easy to use, “turn on and go” technology; which means you can begin using the machine right out of the box without knowing much if anything about metal detecting.

Some metal detectors we like to recommend for new users include:

Bounty Hunter Legacy 2500
Bounty Hunter Platinum with 8″ Search Coil
Fisher F-2 Go for either the Pinpointer combo or Search Coil combo kit
Garrett Ace 250
Teknetics Delta 4000
Tesoro Silver uMax

If you’re Holiday shopping list includes a woman who is already into metal detecting, there have been a lot of interesting developments recently and she might appreciate a new machine.  Most newer metal detectors have incorporated recent advances in technology to provide users with an enhanced experience.  For example, companies like Bounty Hunter, Garrett, and many others are including large LCD displays on their newer models to show users a variety of information about the target that’s under that ground, including it’s depth, and shape.  You’ll also find new metal detectors weight less than previous models, and, they’re easier to use as well even when sporting an advanced feature set.

Some of our favorite metal detectors for more advanced detectorists include:

Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro with 11″ DD Search Coil
DetectorPro Headhunter Underwater
Fisher F-19 in Pink Camo or Green Camo Colors
Fisher F70
Garrett AT Pro for all-around unit or Garrett AT Gold for Gold Nugget Prospecting
Tesoro Vaquero
XP DEUS Top-end, Lightweight and Completely Wireless

Don’t forget metal detecting tools and accessories either.

Whether she’s new to metal detecting or an experienced pro, the ladies on your Holiday shopping list are sure to appreciate a new digging tool, carrying case, headphones, sand scoop, or other metal detecting accessory.  Be sure to look for high quality brands like Lesche, Treasure Products and Garrett to name a few so your Holiday gift is sure to give her many memories as she uses it over the years.

There’s no reason to drag yourself all over town trying to give her yet another pair of earrings or that mug or pair of slippers you give her every Holiday.  Instead, give her a metal detector and you’ll give her a gift that will offer years of excitement, activity, and maybe even treasure!  If you have any further questions about which metal detector to go with, please contact us or review the buying guide articles found in the Learning Library.

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Metal Detectors as Christmas Gifts for Him

Give Metal Detectors as Gifts for Guys at any Skill Level

Finding the right gift for him can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be!  This Holiday season, you can get all the guys on your list into metal detecting.  Whether they’re new to the hobby or seasoned experts, metal detectors and accessories can make the absolute perfect gift for him; and one that will keep on giving for many, many years to come!

If your husband, father, son, grandson, or any other guy on your list is new to metal detecting, look for a “turn on and go” model.  This means the machine will require little if any fine tuning and should be able to be used almost immediately.

Some metal detectors that we find work well for beginners include:

Bounty Hunter Legacy 1500
Bounty Hunter Platinum with 8″ Search Coil
Fisher F-2
Garrett Ace 150
Garrett Ace 350
Teknetics Alpha 2000
Tesoro Compadre

If the guy on your Holiday shopping list has been metal detecting for some time, consider getting him a new metal detector.  As any detectorist will tell you, having more than one machine can be ideal.  If, for example, he currently has a model that will only work on land, pick up an underwater metal detector for him.  You may also consider giving him a more advanced model than the one he currently uses.

Our favorite metal detectors for more advanced enthusiasts include:

Bounty Hunter Platinum Pro with 11″ DD Search Coil
Fisher F- 19 in Green Camo
Garrett ATX
Garrett AT Pro
Tesoro Tiger Shark

Metal Detecting Tools Make Gifts He’s Sure to Like

Whether you need some stocking stuffers, or you just know the guy(s) on your list need some metal detecting accessories he’s sure to have fun with any of these unique, high quality metal detecting tools.

Pinpointers are tops on Many Holiday Shopping Lists: Garrett Pro-Pointer and the Makro Waterproof Pointer
Lesche Digging Tools
Gold Panning Kits and Equipment
Headphones for Metal Detecting: DepthMaster Audiophone II

If you have any further questions about which metal detector or tool to get him, please visit our Learning Library.  You can find a great deal of information here to help you find the best metal detector for every guy on your list.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.   All of us here at want to help you give the best gifts this Holiday season and are happy to help you find the right metal detector or accessory for anyone on your list.

So don’t waste time running from store to store never finding a gift he’ll actually use.  Instead, get him a metal detector and you’ll give him a Holiday gift that will last a lifetime!

Check out tomorrow, our blog post on “Metal Detectors as Christmas Gifts for Her.”

Pinpointer Metal Detectors: the Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Michael Bernzweig of said "Now is the time to pick out the perfect stocking stuffer during our annual Thanksgiving metal detectors sale which is now on." He went on to say "a pinpointer metal detector like the Garrett Pro-Pointer or the Makro-Pointer make the perfect gift idea for anyone on your 2014 holiday shopping list."

Michael Bernzweig of said "Now is the time to pick out the perfect stocking stuffer during our annual Thanksgiving metal detectors sale which is now on." He went on to say "a pinpointer metal detector like the Garrett Pro-Pointer or the Makro-Pointer make the perfect gift idea for anyone on your 2014 holiday shopping list."

The holidays are approaching and before you know it, bells will be ringing, mistletoe will be hanging in doorways and malls will be packed. For “think-ahead” shoppers, we’ve got savvy stocking stuffer ideas as gifts for the man or woman in your life. If your husband, wife or relative enjoys metal detecting, gift giving should be easy. There is one gift that fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking… It’s a metal detector pinpointer! Pinpointers are extremely handy in the field; they pinpoint treasure so you don’t end up digging aimlessly. Once a metal detector signals and the detectorist digs a small hole, a pinpointer is placed into the hole to determine the target’s exact location.

Pinpointer metal detectors typically range in price from $60—$150, with popular models at about $125. The latest handheld pinpointers are more durable and feature advanced circuitry. The Makro Pointer is brand new—just hit shelves November, 2015. It’s a fully waterproof hand-held pinpointer with a LED flashlight and 360 degree detection tip. That means the detection tip locates targets in every direction. This new model will help you pinpoint coins sized objects. As an added bonus it can also find gold nuggets as small as 1/10th of a gram with ease. The most popular hand-held pinpointer on the market is the Garrett Pro-Pointer. It features easy one button operation—immediately alerting the user to the target. At the low end price-wise is the ever popular Fisher and Bounty Hunter Pinpointers. This is a must-have in many hobbyists’ toolbox. For more on metal detecting pinpointers, check out: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers?


Great news, our Thanksgiving Metal Detectors Sale and Deals are now available!

Learning article: “What Metal Detector Accessories Should I Start With?

Must Have Accessories in any Metal Detectorist’s Arsenal

Garrett Pro-Pointer Hand-Held Pinpointing probe

Pictured here is one of the most popular hand-held pinpointers, the Garrett Pro-Pointer. The Pro-Pointer is also listed in the buying guide article "What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers"

Your trusty metal detector will alert you when there’s treasure, but you will need to pinpoint and unearth it. Recovery tools will become your faithful digging companions and you will quickly gravitate to your favorites. Metal detecting knives, hand-held diggers/trowels, relic hunting shovels and pinpointers are the preferred tools used by detectorists. These high-quality, durable tools can easily cut through the toughest roots and soil conditions. Many war relics are found in densely wooded areas, where you’ll need a steel shovel with a sharpened cutting edge—such as the Lesche All-Purpose Shovel.

Many metal detectors are equipped with a pin-point mode, even a good number of entry-level models. However, you may find that a hand-held pinpointer is more accurate and makes it easier and quicker to find coins, jewelry and relics. Another interesting point: coins buried for several years turn almost a dirt color and are therefore difficult to locate. You don’t want to miss a potentially valuable item; a pinpointer will solve this problem! Advanced, yet affordable pinpointers include the Garrett Pro-Pointer and the Makro Pointer. Read up on available pinpointers: What are the Best Metal Detector Pinpointers and Digging Trowels and Shovels for Metal Detecting.