Metal Detecting Old Farm Land for Lost Treasure

Bruce Lilienthal, hit the jackpot. He found a large, unusual rock on his Minnesota farmland.

Bruce Lilienthal, hit the jackpot. He found a large, unusual rock on his Minnesota farmland.

Metal detecting at pre-existing homesteads and old farmhouses is a GREAT tactic because old relics and coins lie here. What can you expect to find when you detect and dig an old farmland? Arrowheads, pottery shards, buttons, porcelain and metal thimbles, bits of colored glass and old ammunition or bullets. In 2013, amateur detectorist and producer, Bruce Lilienthal, hit the jackpot when he found a large, unusual rock on his Minnesota farmland. After testing and researching, he and his wife learned that it was a meteorite. They sold the rock for a modest $10.5 million!  It pays to search farmland, for MANY different reasons.

Scout Out Large Trees around a Homestead’s Foundation

Farm “markers” are indicators that a farm pre-existed; they often include large trees. These trees have grown very large because nobody has cut them  down. Always watch out for these markers because a favorable hunt site exists nearby. When you do find a “marker tree,” detect the area that immediately surrounds it. There are likely buried coins and relics hidden in the dirt! It was a common practice for people of past centuries to bury hoards of coins and valuables near marker trees. People intended to reclaim their possessions, but it often never happened. Now’s your chance to recover these precious items with your metal detector!

Expert Tip: Under-Searched Sites Will Yield Relics

Silver Navajo Indian Bracelet with Coral Inlay found in New Mexico with a metal detector.

Silver Navajo Indian Bracelet with Coral Inlay found in New Mexico with a metal detector.

The BEST places to find relics and old coins are at pre-existing homesteads, old farmhouses and former soldiers’ camps or battle sites. Obviously, there are many more locations that will yield valuables and artifacts, but these are a few good examples. Metal detectorists always face the challenge of choosing sites that are already picked over. Don’t shy away from these locations, because it’s impossible that every relic and coin has already been recovered. However, if you really want to increase your chances of treasure hunting success, it’s a great idea to find virgin sites or those that are under-searched!

How to Scout Out an Untouched Metal Detecting Site

Detecting enthusiast and relic hunter, Brian Palmer, has a clever tip for interested hobbyists. Investigate for signs of old home sites. In colder months (in some states), it’s almost impossible to treasure hunt. But you can do online research and scan old maps. It’s much easier to scout out sites when the grass isn’t high—and you can also see further into the woods. Palmer and his wife scouted around in the winter and found a fallen tree along a stone wall where there were stones in the outline of a home’s foundation. When they came back to search the area, their detectors hit on a jackpot of treasure!

Popular Relic Finds with a Metal Detector

The Palmers’ finds at this former homestead in New York included five Civil War “Eagle buttons,” flat buttons, a knapsack hook and two 1863 Civil War tokens. These tokens were issued because coins were scarce during the Civil War, but they only circulated for one year. They are great pieces of history! On another hunt they scouted ahead of time, the Palmers’ uncovered a World War I German buckle from 1839, an 1840’s Federal Navy cuff button and an Indian Wars 1874 Pattern belt plate. These are all examples of items you can find when relic hunting. Keep looking for new places to search and/or ask for permission if necessary. You, too, will come across some amazing relics!

Recommended Relic Hunting Metal Detectors:

Entry Level Relic Metal Detectors:

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Premium Relic Metal Detectors:

Resource:   “Western & Eastern Treasures” Magazine

Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector- a “Dream Machine!”

Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector

Satisfied owners of the Whites Spectra VX3 Metal Detector say this IS the RIGHT detector for serious hobbyists! “The VX3 continues to produce more good finds than any other machine I have used in the past 30+ years!” So, what sets the Whites Spectra VX3 apart? First of all—it has all the bells and whistles of the highest-end detector with the ‘turn-on-and-go’ ease of Whites Coinmaster. Most importantly: 8 pre-set operating modes include: •Coin,  Coin/Jewelry, • Salt Beach, • Relic, • Prospecting, • Deep Silver, • Hi-Pro, • Demo. Modify any of the programs to suit your needs!

Whites Spectra VX3 is also “deluxe” because it features 3 frequencies: 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, and 22.5 kHz for each type of treasure hunting. Spectra VX3’s high-resolution backlit display screen has target ID icons, VDI numbers, SpectraGraph technology and much more! Equipped for optional wireless VX3 headphones.

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Whites TREASUREpro—an Amazing Metal Detector!

The Whites TreasurePro metal detector in action.

The Whites TreasurePro metal detector in action.

Even seasoned detectorists are blown away by the advanced technology and overall features of Whites TREASUREpro Metal Detector. For starters, this model was built with true ‘Automatic Ground Balance,’ meaning it adapts to the ground conditions as you’re hunting. With no constant adjustment to maximize depth and sensitivity, owners love this technology. Another beloved feature of the TREASUREpro is its large backlit display, set up in a speedometer style with important data off to the side.

Features of the Whites TreasurePro

This unit includes a 10″ DD waterproof search coil, 8 Target ID segments and 5 search modes including: Coins & Jewelry, Beach, All Metal, Pinpoint and High Trash. In the $300 – $400 price range, it would be hard to find a better machine!

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Whites TreasureMaster: Answers the Call for an Impressive Detector

Whites Treasure Master Metal Detector

Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector

Treasure is easy to find with the Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector! The price of this model (under $300) suggests it is an entry-level detector, but users say that’s a misnomer and a well-kept secret. “Seriously, the features, functionality and performance of the Whites TreasureMaster far outstrip ANY entry-level machine I have ever used. This is a detector that you can literally use right out of the box.”

Whites TreasureMaster Features

Among the TreasureMaster’s advanced features: 4 search modes: Coins & Jewelry, Beach, All Metal and Pinpoint; 8 Target ID segments and a beautiful visual display with easy adjustments and countless options. So many…it is hard to list them all. Whites TreasureMaster has every treasure hunter covered!


Whites Spectra V3i Metal Detector – Deeper Targets, Detailed Target Information. You Bet!

White's V3i Metal Detector with Color Display Screen

White’s V3i Metal Detector with Color Display Screen

The Whites Spectra V3i Metal Detector is Whites premier, deluxe model! Feature-packed beyond belief, this unit provides an incredible amount of target data. Graphs and charts on Spectra V3i’s full-color HD display easily separate valuable targets from junk. The display screen reveals VDI#, icon with your likely target and on-the-fly depth reading; also, the backlight and font are adjustable. This is a true 3-frequency detector featuring 2.5 kHz, 7.5 kHz, and 22.5 kHz. Spectra V3i’s 3×3 Target ID System is extremely impressive! Using 3 separate displays, the “Search” screen graphs your target in each frequency; “Analyze” shows target size and characteristics and the “Pinpoint” screen shows the signal strength in each frequency. Enjoy “Live Controls” for real-time adjustments and dozens of Expert Menu Options! 9 Preset Hunting Programs include: • Coin/Jewelry, • Salt Beach, • Relic, • Prospecting, • Deep Silver, • High Trash, • Meteorite, • High Pro, • Mixed Mode Pro. Owners of Whites Spectra V3i promise you get more target information than you’ve ever seen. “The V3i sees targets at extreme depth and fully interprets them. This lets the person using the V3i hunt more targets more efficiently!”

Whites Spectra V3i Wireless Headphones are highly recommended! Comfortable over-stuffed earpieces allow you to hear every signal with clarity. Syncs perfectly—in one word… wireless.




Whites MX5 Metal Detector- Highly Versatile, Yet Affordable

Whites MX5 Metal Detector

Whites MX5 Metal Detector

Looking for MORE THAN an entry-level metal detector without breaking the bank? Whites MX5 is the perfect machine for detectorists who hunt all terrains, including saltwater beaches. Whites MX5 is packed with high-end features including a backlit display for evening hunts, two operating modes (Coin/Jewelry and Beach), Automatic Ground Balance with AutoTrac® and Notch Discrimination. Whites MX5 can accept or reject targets in each of its 20 VDI segments.

Fans of the MX5 detector model say you can easily pinpoint a quarter 10″ deep in mineralized soil. One owner raves, “Whites MX5 is the best metal detector on the market for the money. The things I love most about this detector are its distinct tones, depth & threshold.”

Whites MXT All Pro Metal Detector – The Gold Standard Among Detectors!

Whites MXT All Pro Metal Detector

Whites MXT All Pro Metal Detector

What makes the Whites MXT All Pro Metal Detector one of the elite units among the competition? This detector takes discrimination to a whole new level! The VDI numbers on Whites MXT All Pro differentiate this model with detailed information between junk and valuable targets. It’s easy to learn the VDI number of coins (separating clad from silver), rings and jewelry, gold and pull tabs with Whites MXT All Pro. MXT All Pro boasts 3 SEPARATE programs designed for specific treasure hunting. Each program: • Relic, • Prospecting and • Coin/Jewelry features its own unique display screen, target response and special audio frequencies. Additionally, Whites MXT All Pro is redesigned with an ALL-NEW KEYPAD for simplicity in the field, brand new “Ground Grab” functionality and high-efficiency display backlighting.

Did you know? We stock all models of Whites Metal Detectors here at including accessories for all current Whites detectors.

BRAND NEW Whites MX Sport Waterproof Detector is Generating Excitement!

The All-New Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector

The All-New Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector

Now in Stock – The All-New Whites MX Sport Waterproof Metal Detector is creating a frenzy in popular metal detecting forums. Members can’t wait to get their hands on the new Whites MX Sport metal detector which is a waterproof model. With a design that the engineers at whites went back to the drawing-board for, the Whites MX Sport is a lightweight mid-frequency VLF detector that is waterproof up to 10 feet. Seven search modes for beach or land hunting include: Coin/Jewelry, Beach, Relic, Prospecting, High Trash, All-Metal, Pinpoint. MX Sport’s large backlit display shows VDI number, Target ID, depth, current program and discrimination. This model features 20 Target ID segments, 22 Tone Audio ID, threshold control, Automatic Ground Balance and a 10″ DD Waterproof Search Coil. Land headphones are included with the detector and the MX Sport waterproof headphones are available as an option. Whites has really outdone themselves—this model is a winner!

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