Relic Hunting Abandoned Home Sites

Metal Detecting for Relics

When it comes to metal detecting for relics, you need to know where to look and also have the right metal detector.

There is no shortage of locations that are ripe for the picking of long forgotten remnants of the past (a.k.a ‘relics’). Just bring along your metal detector and let the excitement begin! Among the hot spots to locate relics are deserted or abandoned buildings. Anywhere people once lived will yield treasure that can be located by a metal detector. Many times you will find rooms in abandoned homes that were left just as they were when they were lived in decades ago.

Detecting for relics is different than searching for gold or coins. Old houses and buildings can present hobbyists with a tremendous amount of junk iron and nails. For these sites, using a small amount of discrimination will prove highly beneficial. You don’t want to use too much discrimination so as to reject valuable targets. Daniel Bernzweig of advises “If you’re using a detector that has a visual target display, rely heavily on it to identify your targets. Correlate the audio and visual signals before making a decision to dig a target.” Recommended reading for relic hunters is What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Relics?


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Antique Bottle Digging: Rescued Treasures

Antique Bottle Digging

If you're looking to find buried antique bottles, you will need the right metal detector that can help you.

A privy pit may not sound like a very desirable location, but if you’re an antique bottle collector, it’s the place to be. Outhouses from long ago often yield stashes of old bottles. Dump sites and old campgrounds are other lucrative bottle digging spots. Believe it or not, old used bottles are highly collectible and can be worth lots of money. How do you know what types of metal detectors are best suited for bottle digging?

A metal detector cannot target or pinpoint a bottle, but it will pick up relics and some models like the Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector can even detect voids in the ground. These voids can indicate an old caved in dump or privy pit. Usually, bottle diggers locate relics and trash first, which leads them to the dump sites. There are two recommendations for types of metal detectors for bottle digging: 1. two-box deep metal detectors and 2. relic metal detectors. Learn more by reading our article entitled “What are the Best Metal Detectors for Finding Antique Bottles?”

When asked about the best equipment for bottle digging, Michael Bernzweig of offers his advice, “A heavy duty shovel is one item needed to retrieve bottles and relics. The Lesche brand of shovels are top quality and will help get the job done quickly.”