New Guide Compares Garrett Ace Metal Detectors: Ace 200, 300 and 400

Compare Garrett Ace Metal Detectors

Compare Garrett Ace Metal Detector Models

As entry level metal detectors go, Garrett Ace detectors have been wildly popular for years and for good reason. The amount of features packed into these models is impressive, yet at the same time, very easy units to operate. Also consider that right out of the box, on the first day, a beginner of any age can find treasure while minimizing much of the junk items.

Compare Three Ace Detector Models

Our new guide and article compares what these three models of Garrett metal detectors have in common and also what are the differences. See for yourself by taking a read of our new Guide: Garrett Ace Series Metal Detector Comparison: Ace 200, 300 and 400 Models.

New Metal Detectors, the Makro Multi Kruzer, Kruzer and Gold Kruzer

Looking for new metal detectors? You are in luck as there are three new units from Makro, called the Kruzer series, and we will take a closer look at today. You will be happy to know that all of these new units will contain features and performance considered top-end and are designed with ease of use in mind. These ground breaking units are all waterproof to 16 feet or 5 meters, include integrated wireless headphones, built in recharge systems, and feature large back-lit displays.

Makro Kruzer metal detectors series. Gold Kruzer, Kruzer and Multi Kruzer.

The new Makro Kruzer metal detectors series. (l-r) Gold Kruzer, Kruzer and Multi Kruzer.


Coins, Jewelry, Relics or Gold Nuggets

Makro Multi Kruzer display screen and controls.

Makro Multi Kruzer display screen and controls.

The Makro Kruzer and Makro Multi Kruzer models are for those looking to detect coins, gold and silver jewelry plus relics such as buttons and belt buckles. The Kruzer operates at a more all-around detection frequency of 14 kHz. The Multi Kruzer will allow you to be even more in-tune with the items you are searching for in any given outing. The Multi Kruzer allows you to select from three frequencies of 5 kHz, 14 kHz and 19 kHz. The Makro Gold Kruzer is a specialized detector for gold nugget prospecting and operates at 61 kHz for gold nugget detection in the harshest of ground conditions.

These new metal detectors will also be very easy to use and operate which is great for both first time and experienced users alike! The wait will not be long as deliveries begin in February for the Makro Kruzer and Makro Multi Kruzer and March for the Makro Gold Kruzer. Get your Pre-Order in today for one of these new units from Makro Metal Detectors. One final note is that an optional waterproof pair of headphones will be released soon by Makro.

Sell Your Finds! Know the Value of Your Treasure

Sell Your Treasure Finds for Top Dollar! Learn How Now.

Sell Your Treasure Finds for Top Dollar! Learn How Now.

The amazing thing about metal detecting is that you can take this hobby into so many different directions. Whether you’re a land or water hunter, your treasure finds are all valuable. What you do with your treasure finds is entirely up to YOU. Some hobbyists drop all of their coins into a big jug to save for their next vacation. Others display collections of old coins, jewelry and relics in their home. Relic hunters are known to loan items to local museums. And lots of detectorists sell valuable finds for a profit! You can earn extra income—all while participating in a hobby you love! If you are looking to make some money on your finds, there’s a few things you need to know before you sell:

  1. Correctly identify your find
  2. Get an estimate of its value
  3. Decide where to sell the item

Identify What You have Found!

This can be the tricky part. Let’s say you’ve found an old belt buckle. Is it just an ordinary men’s buckle or is it from a Revelutionary or Civil War soldier’s uniform? And what condition is it in? These are big factors in determining the buckle’s value. Our suggestion is to research your object before getting an estimate to sell. For example, if you have uncovered a piece of silver with markings, try to identify the manufacturer. Then, you can determine its age and value. Contact a local appraiser to ballpark your object’s worth. You can also post a photo of your find in a metal detecting community forum. Members are happy to help you identify your find.

Get an Estimate of Your Treasures’ Value

With 14- and 18-karat jewelry, you will see markings on the pieces of jewelry. You can look up these markings on the internet to see what it’s worth. To determine a coin’s worth, check popular websites such as NGC from the American Numismatic Association.

Where to Sell Your Treasure  

It’s easy to find a buyer online. Research high-quality coin and relics dealers that operate on the internet. There are online dealers that have been buying and selling coins, gold and silver through the mail for decades. If you want to sell gold/platinum/silver for melt, it is best to do it locally in person. Tip: Take the same item to several different jewelers and see who offers the best price.


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“My Metal Detector Finds” from – Amazing Recent Finds

Probably the greatest joy of metal detecting is being able to share stories of treasure finds with like-minded treasure hunters. Not everybody understands the excitement of unearthing a random item. Sometimes it’s just an old penny—in which case, there may be puzzled onlookers. The truth is, there are treasures to be found and they’re everywhere. For those of us who take the time to hunt with a metal detector, there is the possibility of unearthing something amazing! When we are rewarded with an epic find, it’s great to be able to share the story at a place like’s “My Metal Detector Finds.” Every day, fellow detectorists post accounts of their latest & greatest treasure finds. Some are beginner’s luck, others are the result of lots of research; and other finds are downright creepy! Here are some recent finds posted by hobbyists on “My Metal Detector Finds:”

July 13, 2015: Found a U.S. Puppy Paw Belt Plate With the AT Pro

U.S. Puppy paw belt plate found on second day with Garrett AT pro metal detector.

U.S. Puppy paw belt plate found on second day with Garrett AT pro metal detector.

Brandon, Mississippi:   “I live 45 minutes east of Vicksburg Mississippi, a small town that was burned to the ground by General Sherman’s troops. There were two skirmishes in Brandon during 1862, but no major battles. I was detecting in a spot where it looked like cannons had been placed. I hit an iffy 81 VDI on my Garrett AT Pro detector and almost passed it up. So glad I did not because what are the chances of finding a U.S. Puppy Paw belt plate (a FederaI Belt Plate used from 1839—1863. The rounded knobs on the back look like a puppy paw). I’ve always been a White’s man, but Garrett is making a big change in my detecting style. I would love to see if the Ace 350 can stand with the AT pro.” – Read full story


July 2, 2015: Civil War Relics

Forest, Mississippi: “I was in town at my grandmother’s flower shop. I started out digging up old ammo like mini balls and old 10 gauge shells that were all brass. Then I dug up a lot of silver coins, small coins—dimes mostly. After dark, I was just getting ready to stop for the day and I ended up detecting over one more spot and low and behold, I found an old pocket watch with engravings on it.” –  See story for author & photo

May 27, 2015: Showing Up My Hubby!

US Large Cent found with the XP DEUS metal detector.

US Large Cent found with the XP DEUS metal detector.

Virginia Beach, Virginia:  “Well, my husband has been asking me to go metal detecting with him for a couple of years now, but I always came up with an excuse not to go. A couple of days ago, my husband let me use his XP DEUS. He told me, “history is everywhere, you just have to know where to look!” So we start detecting and I’m pulling up aluminum can tops. My husband told me something good will pop up I promise. Just as he was saying that, I heard a beep and started to dig a small plug. I thought it was a piece of metal, so I called my husband over and he knew exactly what it was. “It’s a giant cent,” he said. He was so jealous and proud! It turns out metal detecting can be loads of fun.” [The U.S. large cent was minted from 1793 until 1857.] – Read full story

May 19, 2015: Beginners Luck?

Charlestown, New Hampshire:  “I work with a friend who got me interested in metal detecting. My wife bought me a Garrett Ace 350 and pinpointer for Christmas this year.  Living in New England, it had to sit in the closet until April 3rd, a 60 degree day! Our house was built in 1990, the oldest one on the block, so I really did not think I would find anything.  Having never used a detector, I was a little unsure what to expect. I started getting hits right off. Nails, bottle caps, 5 pennies from the 1990’s. I moved to the front yard and dug my first hit there…. a 1738 George II half penny in pretty decent shape! I could not believe it! About 20 feet from there, I found the brass barrel of a boot gun. I guess just because the house has not been there long, it does not mean things didn’t take place there years before.” – Read full story

Read True Stories from Detectorists at “My Metal Detecting Finds”

Have an exciting discovery of your own to share? Tell us about it at “My Metal Detecting Finds” and be entered to win a prize! The current featured prize is the Makro Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer valued at $149. Site visitors vote for their favorite ‘detecting finds’ story and the person with the most votes wins. Submission periods typically run every 3 months, so be sure to share your stories and enthusiasm. Maybe you will have the next amazing find!


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Gold Nugget Hunting with a Metal Detector

Tips for Finding Antique Toys With a Metal Detector

Unlike toys of today, antique toys were often made of metal. This makes them very durable and many are still around today! Not only that, since they’re metal, you can find antique toys with a metal detector. Searching sites where children played frequently like playgrounds, and schoolyards are excellent sites to begin your hunt for antique toys. You can also visit old dump sites and even old homes as many used to have personal dump sites and privy pits where you might also find antique toys using a metal detector.

The best metal detector to use when searching for antique toys is known as a relic hunting metal detector. These machines are designed to find a variety of types of antiques including metal toys. Look for a machine that is deep seeking as well since the majority of antique toys have been buried for quite a long time at this point. Also, you’ll want to look for a low frequency metal detector as they’re better at locating iron, steel and tin; the metals most commonly used to make antique toys.

Depending on what you find, the antique toys you unearth could be worth quite a bit. To learn more about relic hunting metal detectors and treasure hunting so you can begin using your own metal detector to find antique toys, please enjoy these related articles from our learning library:

Best Metal Detectors for Finding Relics

Finding Metal Detecting Sites with Research

How To: Cleaning and Preserving Relics

Bounty Hunter Platinum: One Detector that Does it All!

Metal detecting has become an avid sport for many people. Hunting for lost or purposely buried items with a metal detector opens up an exhilarating time of outdoor adventures for the hobbyist and his/her family and friends. It is truly a hobby that can pay for itself. Daniel Bernzweig, of points out, A couple of great finds like a piece of gold jewelry, some type of a diamond piece, or a valuable relic or coin could very well pay for any investment you’ve made in your detector. That’s why it’s a good idea for someone who’s serious about the hobby to purchase a decent machine. Better machines have more capability of identifying targets before you start your dig. These units will also be more automatic, fully featured and easier to tune and use.

Bounty Hunter Platinum—Find More Valuable Treasures

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector has one of the largest display sceens that you will find on a modern detector today. The Bounty Hunter Platinum is an easy to use metal detector that shows you what's in the ground before you dig.

The Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector is one of’s best-selling models—sale priced unbelievably during our holiday sale! This metal detector is ideal for new and even seasoned detectorists because it is so easy to use; at the same time being capable of locating the oldest and deepest coins, rings, jewelry and relics in all ground conditions. Bounty Hunter Platinum’s target ID display will identify common targets such as iron, foil, nickels, soda can pull tabs, screw caps, pennies dimes quarters etc. It also displays a unique target identification number for every target based on level of conductivity. Other features include four custom programs: discriminate mode, pinpoint, ground grab and all-metal mode. Bounty Hunter Platinum sets a new standard for high-end features and value. See a full list of product features. Free Headphones, Full-Size Carry Bag and Bonus Accessory Kit Included. Choose the Platinum detector with either of these two search coil options: 8″ coil option for $299.95 or the 11″ coil option for $399.95.

See: Over 100 Bounty Hunter Platinum Metal Detector Reviews from customers

What’s all the “Buzz” about Metal Detecting?

The hobby of treasure hunting with a metal detector is catching on like wildfire. So, you may be wondering what all the buzz is about. There are many reasons why treasure hunting is gaining popularity—it’s fascinating, profitable, mentally stimulating, takes you outdoors and can be a family hobby. That’s just to get started. From a universal perspective, metal detecting is a perfect hobby for anyone. Kids and teens will enjoy it because it channels their natural energy and curiosity while offering adventure and excitement. Nature lovers can explore the outdoors, adding the element of searching for gold and precious minerals.

History Is All Around Us

Historians can’t get enough of using a metal detector to uncover items from past generations. Thrill-seekers can shipwreck dive and search for underwater treasure. Everyday people looking for a new source of excitement can search for coins, jewelry and other valuables. And treasure hunting is also ideal for seniors. Seniors and retirees can enjoy a renewed sense of adventure while getting outdoor exercise. Essentially, anyone can add excitement to their lives by simply picking up a metal detector. And it doesn’t require the expense of travel or extensive equipment.

Seeking lost treasure is intriguing to everyone. Nothing compares to the sheer thrill of discovery, whether it’s an 80-year-old coin, a gold bracelet, a small gold nugget or a trinket 1000’s of years old. And it doesn’t matter where you live, because lost treasure can be uncovered anywhere- even in your own backyard. If you live in an area where a Civil War battle was fought, you might search for relics. Out West is well-known for its gold prospecting; around the Great Lakes, there are still many undiscovered shipwrecks. And there’s always beach hunting, parks, baseball fields and construction sites. If you do a little research in your town library, you’ll learn a lot about potential treasure hunting sites.

Metal Detector Selection and Usage Information

The first step is getting a decent metal detector and learning how to operate it. You can easily learn some “basics” about metal detecting at The Learning Library is an easy-to-search metal detector article library with how-to-guides and lots of starter information. Articles for beginners will take you step-by-step through the process of selecting a metal detector and how to get started with it. Once equipped with your detector, read the manual and learn about its signals and features, modes of operation and capabilities. And don’t forget to learn basic information about search coils, so you know understand your hunting depths. Soon, you’ll discover why treasure hunting is where it’s at!

Makro Announces deephunter Metal Detector

Makro deephunter Metal Detector

The Makro deephunter metal detector is one of the best detectors on the market today that can find smaller items and larger treasures, no matter the conditions.

Introducing the new Makro deephunter Pro Metal Detector!  This model detector is now in stock in our warehouse and ready to be shipped to your door.  Why is this so important? Well, while we always get excited when a new metal detector is released, the deephunter is particularly thrilling.

The large color LCD display provides complete target analysis. Now you can know what you have found, how deep it is and the target dimensions before you dig. A visual image analysis of the target signal is shown in color on the display. The type of target, Gold, Iron etc. is displayed visually on the display.

The deephunter Pro is honestly like no metal detector we’ve seen to date.  Complete with 4 different search

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find large, deeply buried treasures of gold, silver and other precious metals.

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find large, deeply buried treasures of gold, silver and other precious metals.

coils and two separate operating modes – one mode for small sized objects and the other for larger deeply buried targets.  The deephunter can locate nearly any type of target even in the worst soil conditions and at depths unattainable by other metal detectors.  Basically, the Makro deephunter is two separate machines combined into one to create a level of versatility never before experienced in a metal detector.

That said, it’s not a complex machine either.  Most users will find the deephunter fairly simple to operate after reading the easy to understand instruction manual that’s included with the machine. The Manual can also be read in full on our deephunter Pro product page.  Plus, this metal detector really is just easy to operate.  For example, switching between modes requires only the touch of a button.  Setting the ground balance is just as simple.  Other manual controls on the deephunter include Depth, Record, Reset, and Scan.  Controls that are easy to use and understand.

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find individually buried jewelry, relics, gold nuggets and coins

Graphical view of Makro deephunter, which can find individually buried jewelry, relics, gold nuggets and coins

Prepared for any situation, you need only choose the correct operation mode and corresponding search coil to meet your current target choice and the type of environment you’re treasure hunting in.  Then, your deephunter metal detector is ready to roll whether you’re at the beach looking for coins, in the mountains looking for gold, or anywhere in between treasure hunting for any other type of items large or small and either deep or shallow.

With it’s deep seeking capabilities, it’s even possible to find voids in the ground, such as caverns and caves at surprising depth levels with this metal detector as well.  And, while it’s unheard of to find a metal detector that can find both coins and jewelry as well as caverns, caves and other deeply buried treasures, with the release of the Makro deephunter, this unique combination of capabilities is now available.

Metal detectorists take note.  The Makro deephunter is currently the most technologically advanced machine available as well as one of the best deep seeking metal detectors.  If you’re looking for a versatile, easy to use machine that’s ready to go wherever you are, the deephunter Pro is the metal detector to beat and one you’ll definitely want to experience for yourself.