Tesoro Metal Detectors Introduces Delta 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan Search Coil

Tesoro Delta 11" x 8" Wide Scan search coil

Tesoro Metal Detectors has just announced the availability of their new Delta 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil for use with the the Tesoro Vaquero, Tejon, Lobo SuperTraq and Cibola metal detectors.

Today Tesoro Metal Detectors has announced the availability of a brand new search coil option for the Vaquero, Tejón, Lobo SuperTraq and Cibola metal detectors. The new Delta 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil features a new “Responsive Signal Design” (RSD).

Get the Most From You Tesoro Metal Detector

With RSD technology you can give your Tesoro detector the best advantage possible when working in heavily mineralized sites. This Tesoro Delta search coil will give your tesoro metal detector more coverage and a better balance of depth and sensitivity.

Wide scan coils such as the Delta are less affected by ground mineralization. Wide scan is also referred to as DD or Double D.

The Tesoro Delta 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan Search Coil has a 4 pin connector, is carbon in color and includes a scuff/coil cover. The 8′ coil wire allows for use on all styles of Tesoro metal detector configurations.

Watch our First Look Tesoro Delta Wide Scan Search Coil Video :

For complete details on the new Tesoro Delta 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan visit our product detail page. In Living Color: You can see the coil in action by watching our in the field test Video of the Tesoro Delta 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil.

Tesoro Metal Detectors Introduces Epsilon 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan Search Coil

Epsilon 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil

Today Tesoro Metal Detectors announced the availability of their new Epsilon 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil for use with the the Cortes, Deleon, Silver uMax and Outlaw metal detectors.

Today Tesoro Metal Detectors has announced the Epsilon wide scan search coil for use with the Silver µMax, Outlaw, DeLeón, Cortés metal detectors.

This new 11″ x 8″ high performance search coil will let you get the most out of your existing Tesoro detector.

The Epsilon features Tesoros’ new “Responsive Signal Design” (RSD). With RSD technology you can give your Tesoro detector the best advantage possible when working in heavily mineralized sites.

This Tesoro Epsilon search coil boasts a bright white design and will give your tesoro metal detector more coverage and a better balance of depth and sensitivity.

Wide scan coils such as the Epsilon are less affected by ground mineralization. Wide scan is also refered to as DD or Double D.

The Tesoro Epsilon 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan Search Coil has a 5 pin connector and includes a search coil cover. The 8′ coil wire allows for use on all styles of Tesoro metal detector configurations.

Watch our in the field First Look Tesoro Epsilon Search Coil Video:

For complete details on the new Tesoro Epsilon 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil visit our product detail page. Be sure to see our in the field First Look Video of the Tesoro Epsilon 11″ x 8″ Wide Scan search coil on our MetalDetector.com YouTube Chanel.

Goal-Driven Gold Prospecting: Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ

Full length picture of the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ metal detector.

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is the most powerful metal detector made by Tesoro and their top unit for gold prospecting.

Many prospectors in western U.S. states take advantage of their proximity to gold-bearing sites by nugget shooting as a weekend hobby. But it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to live in Arizona, Colorado or New Mexico to be a gold prospector. There are less-known gold-bearing states (*see list below) that prospectors can try their hand at. And treasure hunters who dream of finding gold can always plan their vacations around destinations where gold panning and prospecting sites are attractions. If you visit old abandoned mines, you are likely to find pieces of valuable ore that fell from carts long ago. Modern gold metal detectors are much more sophisticated than equipment miners had in the past. And gold-seeking detectors can easily find deposits that have been buried with rock and other debris.

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Gold Metal Detector

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector has an extremely loyal following. Reviewers unanimously give this gold detector a 5-star rating; field tests say the same. Typical feedback from detectorists: “This VLF machine is awesome! It is super sensitive on small gold and works great on coins and relics. The auto ground balance works as described and makes working with hot rocks a breeze.” The “TRAQ” part of the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ name refers to its unique ground tracking capabilities. The machine automatically tracks and compensates for any ground mineral changes, which is ideal for prospecting in old mines and areas with highly mineralized material. Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ’s adjustable threshold controls the audio “background hum” when searching. Variations in audio allow the user to distinguish very small, deep targets, perfect for gold prospecting with a metal detector.

Read: Tesoro Lobo Super Traq Field Test

Read: Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector Review

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*Gold is commonly found in the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector

The Tesoro Silver uMax is one of the best all purpose detectors on the market today that's easy to use and powerful enough to help you find buried treasures.

The Tesoro Silver uMax metal detector has been a favorite of metal detector users everywhere since it first debuted in 1985 as the Silver Sabre.  Today, even though it has a new name, the Silver uMax has stayed true to it’s roots as a solid, economically priced, all purpose metal detector that’s reliable and easy to use.  Plus, like all Tesoro metal detectors, it still comes with their standard lifetime warranty.

With it’s set and go controls, the Silver uMax is convenient and can be used to find all kinds of treasures like relics, jewelry, coins, and more whether you’re new to metal detecting or experienced.  You’ll also find two different operating modes – all metal and discriminate – that enable you to filter trash easily so you’re only digging for targets that are most likely to be treasure.

Tesoro Silver uMax Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Tesoro Silver uMax metal detector are easy to understand and can help you better find treasures that are hidden in the ground.

One of the main features that distinguishes the Silver uMax from the other metal detectors in the Tesoro line is it’s silent search and discriminate capabilities which help offer users a quiet, pleasant metal detecting experience.  The discrimination mode on the Silver uMax is expanded, like on most Tesoro detectors, which helps better identify if the item is trash or treasure.  And, at 2.2 lbs it’s one of the lightest metal detectors available.  This model is powered by a single 9 volt alkaline battery that is supplied. How are actual users feeling about the Tesoro Silver uMax?  Here are just a few of the customer reviews we’ve received.

Joe L. writes – “… the Tesoro Silver uMax FANTASTIC.”

Randy shares – “I used the Tesoro silver umax on areas I used my old silver sabre and found 6 pennies, 3 wheaties and 3 newer lincolns. One wheatie was 8 inches deep.”

It’s not just our customers though, the Silver uMax is a consistent favorite of users everywhere after all these years; and that speaks volumes.  Visit our product page to see more of what everyone’s talking about.  You can view the company’s specs on the machine, the instruction manual, product catalog, product video and more. With this information at hand, you can easily learn all you need to know to decide if it’s the one for you. This might just be the detector you will want to pack for your next treasure hunting expedition. It is interesting to note that even veteran treasure hunters with the highest end detectors still enjoy the Tesoro Silver uMax. Many will tell you that they keep it as a go to detector and would not part with it! Around the world, tried and true Tesoro enthusiasts will attest to the fact that the Tesoro Silver uMax is truly one of the most beloved models in the entire line-up.


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Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector

The Tesoro Tiger Shark metal detector is one of the best detectors for shallow water and deep sea hunting as it is able to dive to depths as low as 200 ft.

The Tesoro Tiger Shark represents an excellent example of a multi function land and underwater metal detector.  In fact, it’s actually one of the most versatile metal detectors currently available.  This might make it sound like it would also be the most complicated metal detector on the market too, however, that’s definitely not true. Tesoro has done an excellent job yet again of making the Tiger Shark, like their other metal detectors, an advanced machine that’s still easy to use.

“Normal” vs “Salt” Mode

One of the ways Tesoro has made the Tiger Shark so advanced yet so easy to use is by having two different modes of operation that can be easily changed with only a flip of a switch.  On “Normal Mode” the Tiger Shark is excellent at dry land and freshwater treasure hunting.  Then, as soon as you’re near salt water you can switch the machine easily to “Salt Mode”.  In salt mode the Tiger Shark is prepared to block out much of the extra chatter caused by the heavy ground mineralization salt water is known for.  That said, if you plan to spend the bulk of your time in salt water areas, you might prefer the Tesoro Sand Shark instead.  It’s a Pulse Induction metal detector while the Tiger Shark is a Very Low Frequency (VLF) machine.  PI detectors are known as being the best at salt water metal detecting, while VLF models are good in salt water but more the choice machine when you plan on working in a variety of conditions or having a focus on land or freshwater treasure hunting instead.

Dive up to 200ft Deep

Another one of the very unique features of the Tiger Shark that sets it apart from other metal detectors and further increases its versatility is the fact that you can dive up to 200 ft with it.  This machine also comes with a removable center pole so it can instantly be made shorter in order to be the right size for diving without buying any extra equipment.

Find a Variety of Treasures

With this level of versatility you might guess that the Tesoro Tiger Shark can be used for finding a wide variety of different types of treasures.  If so, you guessed right!  You can use this metal detector to find relics, gold nuggets, jewelry; and pretty much anything else you’re looking for.

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector Reviews:

In our experience, one of the best sources of information about the functionality and usability of any product are the actual users themselves.  Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received from MetalDetector.com customers about the Tesoro Tiger Shark.

I.J. from Washington says – “I live near the mountains and visit the ocean a lot as well.  The Tesoro Tiger Shark has been a great all around fit for me.”

Mary L. from Florida writes – “I purchased the Tesoro Tiger Shark a few weeks ago and, after trying it out, couldn’t be happier.  Plus, it’s already found me treasure!”

Ray from Wyoming reports – “I’ve enjoyed other Tesoro metal detectors and the Tiger Shark I just bought is no different.  It is an excellent machine for land and for diving.”

Tesoro Tiger Shark Metal Detector Controls

With the controls on the Tiger Shark Metal Detector, you can easily switch between settings to search either in fresh or salt water.

If after reading all of these specs and customer reviews you’d like even more information about the Tiger Shark, you can find great articles, the full product catalog, along with the company’s instruction manual for the Tesoro Tiger Shark all on our product page.

When your metal detecting work takes you to a variety of different locations to find a variety of different types of treasure, you need a versatile machine, like the Tesoro Tiger Shark.  Then, you’ll be prepared to hunt for treasure successfully every time you go out no matter what the surrounding environment is like.

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector

The Tesoro Sand Shark is one of the first pulse induction metal detectors with microprocessor technology that makes it easier to find treasure and relics buried deep underground and underwater.

The Tesoro Sand Shark is a metal detector that many find to be their machine of choice.  Is it yours?  It very well might be.  To find out if the Sand Shark is for you, you’ll want to consider several different factors including, where you’ll be using the metal detector, what you’d like to find with the machine and, who will end up using it; questions you should ask yourself when researching any metal detector actually.

This particular metal detector is made by Tesoro Metal Detectors, a name that means quality; and Tesoro literally means “treasure” in Spanish.  Each of the detectors made by Tesoro, including the Sand Shark, are on the cutting edge of technology and ready to help make you a successful treasure hunter on all your beach and underwater diving expeditions.

Digital Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The Sand Shark was the first Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector to feature microprocessor technology.  As a result, you now have a metal detector with all the benefits needed for deep seeking metal detecting in environments where there is heavy ground mineralization (Like the wet salt water at the beach for example); but now with all the advantages of digital technology as well to make this a high tech machine full of all the extras you want.  All this while maintaining an easy to operate control system that’s extremely user friendly at the same time.

Waterproof Metal Detector  –  Lifetime Warranty

As we mentioned, the fact that the Sand Shark is a Pulse Induction metal detector makes it excellent for use in and around the salt water at the beach.  To support this the Tesoro Sand Shark is also encased in a waterproof housing.  This makes it ideal for use in wet weather or, conditions, like the beach, where you’ll be hunting in an overall wet environment.  With the Sand Shark though, your treasure hunt doesn’t have to stop at the water’s edge.  You can use it underwater and even dive with it in salt or fresh water if you’d like to.  Another neat fact is that all Tesoro metal detectors come with a Lifetime Warranty, including the Sand Shark and Tesoro’s other waterproof detector for underwater use, the Tiger Shark.

Excellent for Beginner and Advanced Users Alike

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Sand Shark Metal Detector are easy to use and make it one of the best underwater metal detectors for beginners and advanced detectorists.

Another one of the many unique features of the Tesoro Sand Shark is that it’s been designed to offer a variety of features but in an easy to use format.  This makes the Sand Shark an excellent option for beginner and advanced users alike.  You’ll also find that this metal detector features a side/belly mount option that can be installed and used easily without the need for tools.  In addition, it’s also lightweight (under 4.5 lbs) and this, coupled with the fact that it has the option of side body mount makes the Sand Shark an excellent choice for younger and elderly users in particular, as well as the more advanced set that goes out for extended metal detecting excursions.

An All Purpose Metal Detector

Overall, the Tesoro Sand Shark is designed to be an all purpose metal detector.  It can be used in water and on land, and, it can be used to find a variety of items too including gold, relics, coins, jewelry, and more too.  Choose from two search coil sizes, which are the standard 8″ coil and the larger 10.5″ coil to go deeper and cover more ground. Plus, pretty much anyone will have a good time treasure hunting with this detector as we mentioned given it’s lightweight and highly user friendly design.

Tesoro Sand Shark Metal Detector Reviews:

There’s nothing like some customer reviews to top off a solid information search on any product, including metal detectors.  Here are some reviews straight from our customers who’ve purchased and used the Tesoro Sand Shark themselves.

Nate from Pennsylvania reports –  “The Tesoro Sand Shark works well every time I take it out.”

M. Riley from New Mexico says –  “I’ve found a lot of different treasures with my Tesoro Sand Shark and use it at home as well as every time we go on vacation.”

Bev from California shares –  “I take my grandson (7 years old) to the beaches here in Southern California and we almost always find something fun with our Tesoro Sand Shark – He can even use it himself!”

As you can see customers honestly enjoy this machine and, experts in the field agree; the Tesoro Sand Shark is a well designed, all purpose metal detector that’s a nice choice for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.  If you’re interested in this metal detector and would like more information, visit our Tesoro Sand Shark product details page on our website.  Here you’ll find the company’s product catalog, instruction manual, and even an informational video on the Sand Shark.  If you’ve already done your research you may decide the Tesoro Sand Shark really is the best underwater metal detector for you.  And, if you do, it’s highly likely given the customer reviews, you’ll find some unexpected treasure nearly every time you head out with your machine too.

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is a versatile metal detector that is easy to use and can help you find gold nuggets and other treasures too.

The Lobo SuperTRAQ metal detector is a deep seeking, gold prospecting machine made by Tesoro; a well respected name in metal detectors. In fact the name Tesoro actually means “treasure” in Spanish!  However, with the machine’s All Metal and Discriminate modes, it’s not just for finding gold nuggets – it can locate coins and relics as well.

This metal detector’s versatility is only one of its many well thought out features.  To make the most of your metal detecting experience, the Lobo SuperTRAQ is designed to be ground balanced when you start out. Ground balancing with the Lobo takes about 5 seconds to achieve which is a fraction of the time needed on most other detectors in its class.  Then with it’s computerized ground tracking, the machine will actually follow the changes in the soil’s ground mineralization levels and adjust as needed! You will not need to re-tune unless you turn the detector off and back and back on again. This makes finding gold nuggets and other treasures easy in any type of soil.

In addition, Tesoro has equipped the Lobo Super TRAQ with a full discrimination control. This means that this gold detector also has the trash rejection capability that you need for coin, relic and jewelry hunting. This model also includes a threshold control, sensitivity with max boost, instant pinpointing, a battery check and more. This advanced gold prospecting detector can be used by treasure hunters of all skill levels to find gold wherever they go.

To see how all these features affect the actual user experience, let’s take a read of a few customer reviews we’ve received over the years on the Lobo SuperTRAQ:

Sean P. shares – “I’m finding gold in tough worked out spots with this nugget shooter – great choice!”

Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector Controls

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ metal detector offers a discrimination control that helps make it easier to find hidden relics and coins with less trash.

Ken O. writes – “I’ve really enjoyed my Lobo SuperTRAQ so far and find it to be the best at locating nuggets in mineralized ground of any metal detector I’ve used yet.”

Marshall says – “The computerized ground tracking has made prospecting with the Lobo a snap!”

We’ve also got additional information about this metal detector on our Lobo SuperTRAQ product page.  This is where you can get all the dirt on the Lobo SuperTRAQ including the instruction manual, an informational video, machine specifications, and more.  Then, after you take a look at all the details, you can decide for sure if the Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is the best gold metal detector choice for you. Invest in one detector for all of your treasure hunting needs and find all the gold other treasures that are out there waiting for you.

Tesoro Cibola Metal Detector Review

Photo of the Tesoro Cibola Metal Detector

The Tesoro Cibola metal detector is built to help users easily find hidden coins, precious metals, relics and more.

From the company with the name that means treasure, comes the Tesoro Cibola metal detector.  The Cibola (pronounced: see-bow-lah) is a metal detector that’s designed to find treasure quickly and easily.  With “set and go” controls you can pass over the programming step and move right on to treasure hunting; which appeals to novice and advanced users alike.  The detector is also lightweight at just 2.2 lbs to further enhance the user experience.  One 9 volt battery (supplied) provide for hours of comfortable metal detecting.

Not only is the Cibola easy to use it is great at locating treasures like relics, precious metals and jewelry, coins, and more.  This model is based on a deep seeking VLF (very low frequency) circuit that operates at 14 kHz. Simply put, it is deep and sensitive.  Thanks to it’s preset ground adjust, the Tesoro Cibola can be used in a variety of different locations without complicated adjustments or additional equipment.  Plus, there is a toggle switch that shifts between three slightly different frequencies.  This helps to eliminate or minimize interference when detecting near electric power lines, satellite dishes or the like.

For additional convenience and treasure hunting success Tesoro has also equipped the Cibola with two different modes.  Users can access these modes with a simple push button control; “Silent Search Discriminate” which will be the constant hunting mode and a momentary “Pinpoint All Metal” mode.  These two modes of operation allow for locating targets and pinpointing them quickly, but with just a push of a button – keeping everything simple.

Tesoro Cibola Metal Detector Controls

The controls on the Tesoro Cibola metal detector are easy to use which helps you to easily find buried treasures.

While all this sounds great on paper, but let’s see what actual MetalDetector.com users say.  Here are just a few of the customer reviews we’ve received about the Tesoro Cibola.

Drake R. writes  –  “I’m new to metal detecting and ordered the Cibola from Tesoro because it sounded so easy to use.  It is!”

Jason C. says  –  “Great trash to treasure ratio – The majority of what I’ve found has been treasure, an excellent return on my investment”

Marla O. shares  –  “I bought the Tesoro Cibola for my husband to try and get him outside – boy did it work – he’s healthier and wealthier now!”

As you can see from these customer reviews, people really like this metal detector.  One item to mention is that all tesoro metal detectors are covered by a Lifetime Warranty. To see if it’s the best metal detector for you, visit our Tesoro Cibola product page.  Here you’ll find information like product specifications, the detectors instruction manual, product video and more all in one place.  Now you can easily get a good idea of what this machine has to offer and be sure you are getting the right metal detector to meet your unique needs.

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Review

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

The Tesoro Compadre metal detector is perfect for children and can help them on their treasure hunts.

The Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector is excellent for treasure hunting for coins, jewelry, and relics. And yet the Tesoro Compadre features a simple and light weight design which places it among the best kids’ metal detectors. Other Tesoro metal detectors may have more knobs and features, but the Compadre has greater simplicity and comparable functionality where it counts. This is not only one of the top metal detectors for kids, it’s also an ideal first detector for every age, from 8 to 108.

The Compadre features a simple one knob design. Just turn the unit on and it runs through a self check and battery test. Next select your level of discrimination and start hunting. It could not be easier! This model operates at a relatively high 12 kHz Frequency which is perfect for locating coins and gold jewelry. It operates as a silent search metal detector, so the only time it will sound off, is when an item has been detected. The three piece pole design is where the magic comes in to play for this model. Adults and older kids can hunt with all three poles. For little kids, just remove the middle pole and you have a kid sized wonder machine. Minerals and other offensive items in the environment are automatically rejected. This unit operates on just one 9V Battery which is included. It features a waterproof 5.75″ round Concentric search coil. The best part about this model is the warranty. Tesoro offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products. From their entry level model all the way up to their top of the line.

Parents sometimes make the mistake of investing in a metal detector that’s little more than a toy when the Tesoro Compadre is not only one of the best children’s metal detectors, but it’s also a reasonably priced, professional-grade detector. For anyone to truly appreciate all the benefits of this fun, educational, and potentially profitable hobby, it’s important to invest in the best metal detector for the money.

The following are metal detector reviews for the Tesoro Compadre:

Bill M. Rochester of NY says that it’s an unbeatable value and, “The Tesoro Compadre is the ultimate beep and dig metal detector.”
L. Treas said, “Purchased this great starter model that also can also be used as a great back up as well once you get more experienced.”

There is unforgettable excitement in finding treasure with a metal detector. Imagine how thrilled your child would be to find a rare coin. There are several ways in which metal detecting leads to an educational experience. First, they can do research on newly discovered coins, jewelry, and relics. Secondly, they can look up sites, such as former fairgrounds, which may be rich with valuables just underneath the surface.

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector Display

The display on the Tesoro Compadre metal detector is easy to read for kids and makes it one of the best metal detectors.

Learn about the product features of the Tesoro Compadre, such as the ultra-lightweight design and single knob simplicity, on the Compadre’s product details page. There you can also check out the video. The instruction manual for this unit is also available in the learn library; this comprehensive manual gives you all the detailed information you need for how to operate the Tesoro Compadre.

Metal detecting is an excellent family activity. It gets everyone outdoors and includes the fun of digging for treasure, which virtually every child can get excited about. For an adventure that is highly likely to produce results, investing in the best metal detectors is essential. When it comes to detectors for children, the Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector is absolutely top notch.

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