Metal Detecting Old Farm Land for Lost Treasure

Bruce Lilienthal, hit the jackpot. He found a large, unusual rock on his Minnesota farmland.

Bruce Lilienthal, hit the jackpot. He found a large, unusual rock on his Minnesota farmland.

Metal detecting at pre-existing homesteads and old farmhouses is a GREAT tactic because old relics and coins lie here. What can you expect to find when you detect and dig an old farmland? Arrowheads, pottery shards, buttons, porcelain and metal thimbles, bits of colored glass and old ammunition or bullets. In 2013, amateur detectorist and producer, Bruce Lilienthal, hit the jackpot when he found a large, unusual rock on his Minnesota farmland. After testing and researching, he and his wife learned that it was a meteorite. They sold the rock for a modest $10.5 million!  It pays to search farmland, for MANY different reasons.

Scout Out Large Trees around a Homestead’s Foundation

Farm “markers” are indicators that a farm pre-existed; they often include large trees. These trees have grown very large because nobody has cut them  down. Always watch out for these markers because a favorable hunt site exists nearby. When you do find a “marker tree,” detect the area that immediately surrounds it. There are likely buried coins and relics hidden in the dirt! It was a common practice for people of past centuries to bury hoards of coins and valuables near marker trees. People intended to reclaim their possessions, but it often never happened. Now’s your chance to recover these precious items with your metal detector!

How to Find Buried Treasure Hoards with Your Metal Detector

Metal detecting for buried treasure hoards is a bit different than metal detecting for coins, jewelry, gold, or other type of item. Treasure caches are generally found at deeper depths than the majority of other types of treasures metal detectorists search for with traditional equipment. This is primarily because these treasure hoards were buried intentionally. It may be a shallow hole but that’s usually deeper than a civil war button dropped on a battlefield; even after it’s been laying around all these years.

Finding Treasure – Deep seeking Metal Detectors

Given the fact that treasure caches are usually found at such deep depths, you will need some specialized metal detecting equipment in order to locate them. First, you’ll want to get a deep seeing two box metal detector. These metal detectors specialize at finding big targets buried deeply underground; perfect for locating buried treasure hoards!

Once your two box metal detector is ready to go, you’ll also want to invest in a good metal detecting shovel so you’re prepared to safely unearth all your finds. To learn more about finding buried treasure caches with your metal detector, please read these other related articles from our learning library.

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