Whites TM 808 Metal Detector- Find Coin Hoards & Treasure Caches!

Whites TM-808 Deep Seeking Two Box Metal Detector

Whites TM-808 Deep Seeking Two Box Metal Detector

Have you ever gotten a lead about a buried treasure cache’s whereabouts, but didn’t act on it? Perhaps it was hidden on several acres of farmland, and you figured it was an impossible mission. That’s when the Whites TM 808 Metal Detector, a deep-seeking two-box unit, is a priceless commodity! Coin and treasure cache burials were extremely popular in the past, and a large majority are still waiting to be discovered. These caches were buried during an emergency, for safe-keeping and even by outlaws.

Find Large Deeply Buried Treasure’s

Whites TM 808 is specially designed to detect larger objects and deeper metals—up to 20 feet deep! Professional features include: adjustable ground balance, powerful electronics, preset controls and easy tuning. Whites TM 808 is priced right and also detects septic tanks, pipes and relics.


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DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro-the Only “See as you Walk Detector!”

Ground-Breaking Detection Technology!
Sensor gathered data converts to graphics in real time on the display. See analysis in color as you walk!

Search for Treasure – Sensor gathered data converts to graphics in real time on the display. See analysis in color as you walk!

Superiority in metal detection equipment has reached a mind-blowing level with DRS Electronics. The advanced DRS 3-Dimensional Stealth Ground Scanner Pro offers features never-before imagined! Using 8 separate sensors to penetrate up to 15 meters deep, this unit illuminates underground cavities and metal targets with a 3D full-color tablet. This is a dream-come-true for serious treasure cache hunters. A full-spectrum color visual analysis instantly shows you: metals, mineral deposits, stone formations, caves, full voids and water.

What’s most unique? The 3D Ground Scanner Pro fully operates in a vest that you wear! Eight geophysical sensors fit into each of the vest’s 8 pockets, while the battery fits into a back pocket. This means that YOU become the metal detector – no equipment  to carry! The 3D Ground Scanner Pro automatically eliminates iron; it draws a signal map of the area below, while displaying target size and depth. A color scale with a numerical system on the display definitively verifies metal, voids and/or water below. For instance, red signifies a metal target, while blue usually marks a cavity. You’ve got to see the DRS 3D Stealth Ground Scanner Pro photos and demos for yourself to actually believe it. Say hello to successful treasure hunting!

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Want to “See” Underground? Check Out the DRS Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector!

DRS Ground Exper Pro Detector - Gold: intense yellow, a red frame and in this case, the round shape of the coin. Iron: intense red, yellow frame plus the shape.

DRS Ground Exper Pro Detector – Gold: intense yellow, a red frame and the round shape of the coin. Iron: intense red, yellow frame plus the shape.

Serious, busy detectorists should REALLY look into the DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector! This detector is a game-changer because its “Image Scan” technology allows you to “see” a deep-seeking scan of everything underground—pinpointing your treasure. Automatically eliminating trash targets (like soda cans or tops), this unit gives you a real-time full-color scan of EVERYTHING under your feet to 5 meters. You’ll get a comprehensive underground image including metal targets, cavities or water deposits. Imagine this! Gold coins will actually be seen on your display with an accurate round shape and numerical/color identifier.

Why not take advantage of this latest technology?
DRS Ground Exper Pro being used in shallow water.

DRS Ground Exper Pro being used in shallow water.

The DRS Electronics Ground Exper Pro Metal Detector comes with a full-color tablet PC—instantly displaying your finds; as well as 3 deep-seeking search coils. Its color-coded system will display exactly what you’ve found. No more guessing, just more treasure – The DRS Ground Exper Pro is EVERYTHING!

DRS Electronics produces advanced detectors using precision German design and engineering. Get your hands on the latest deep seeking treasure locating technology. Discover deeply buried treasures of precious metals. See all models of DRS Electronics units.

How to Use a Metal Detector to Locate Ancient Coins

Using a metal detector to locate ancient coins is not only exciting, but, it can also provide invaluable knowledge about the area and customs during the time period the coins were used.  All you need to get in on the fun is a metal detector.  The best treasure hunting metal detector for finding a cache of ancient coins will be a deep seeking, two box metal detector.  The oldest treasures are the deepest underground.  This requires a metal detector that can search as deeply as possible; and the deep seeking, two box metal detectors are the ones that will get the job done.  For more on these excellent deep seeking metal detectors please review our article What Are The Best Two Box Deep Metal Detectors.

Once you’ve got the right machine, you’ll need to put in your time and do your research.  Learn the history of the area and search locations where settlements were previously located.  You’ll likely need to search more than once to find ancient coins since they’re usually buried so deeply.  In fact, a couple of metal detectorists in Europe searched the same area for 30 years.  After a while they found one ancient coin.  They kept going back, and they found a few more over the years.  Then, one day, they found a coin cache of 50,000 bronze coins dating back to around 50 BC!

Finding ancient coin caches like this helps inform the entire world.  If you’d like to learn more about finding ancient coins with a metal detector you’re sure to like these other articles from our learning library.

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Is the Next Big Treasure Cache Buried in your Backyard?

Cache hunting is the pursuit of “buried treasure” left behind by outlaws and pirates; or, it could consist of containers with valuables or currency hidden on old family homesteads. According to historians, there are thousands of treasure caches and money hoards still undiscovered. Recently, a couple in California found canisters containing 1,400 gold coins buried in their own yard and just last month a man in Scotland unearthed over 100 pieces of Viking treasure that will soon be on display to the public! Usually, it is the seasoned detectorist who embarks upon cache hunting when he has reason to believe the treasure may exist. This knowledge can come from research or local legend.

Metal detectorists who have actually found a treasure cache report finding tobacco tins full of coins or paper money, iron boxes or safes filled with jewels or coins, old metal cans brimming with gold coins, or even just a hole in the ground heaped full of valuables. People buried money when the stock market crashed and they didn’t trust banks or if they had something to hide. Locating a true treasure cache requires a deep-seeking metal detector because they are often buried two to four feet underground. A two-box metal detector penetrates deeply into the ground; it is equipped with special search coils that sends a signal into the ground and transmits back to the detector. Some deep seeking detectors can even detect voids in the soil where a container is taking up space with gems or other non-metallic items.  Read more about deep-seeking detectors: What are the Best Two Box and Deep Metal Detectors?