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1857 US $1 gold coin found while metal detecting.

Sonya found this 1857 US gold coin. Read her story and others below.

A great way to stay connected with the metal detecting community and get inspiration is by visiting “My Metal Detector Finds” at It is under our “Community” tab where detectorists submit stories about their treasure finds with a metal detector. YOU can also submit your story about a personal find for a chance to win a prize! It’s exciting to see that hobbyists are unearthing Revolutionary-period relics, gold coins, ancient artifacts and all kinds of treasure every day. Submissions are usually just a quick paragraph or 2 with a photo. Some treasure magazines have yearly competitions, but the “My Finds” submission period is every three months with new prizes. Here are some recent exciting “My Finds” stories submitted by our site readers. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

  • Jan. 2017:  Sonya from Indiana Uncovered a Gold Coin!

Sonya was searching a farmer’s field that was once an old homestead when her detector signaled. It was music to her ears, as she had stumbled across an 1857 $1 gold coin! Read her story

  • Feb., 2017:  James from Louisiana Found a Pendant Stamped 1694!

What an incredible find! James was hunting in his own neighborhood field when he discovered a pendant stamped “1694” on both sides. It may have been dropped by French explorers as Robert de La Salle explored this river. Read about this intriguing find

  • Feb. 2017:  Big Time Beginner’s Luck in Rhode Island!

    Lost for 10 years, this gold Texas A&M ring was found and returned to owner.

    Gold Texas A&M ring, found and returned to owner.

This new Rhode Island hobbyist decided to give metal detecting a try after watching reality detecting shows. With an entry-level detector, “Indigo Digger” found silver coins, Civil War buttons, 1800’s Indian Head pennies and more! Check out Indigo Digger’s awesome story!

  • Feb., 2017:  Gold & Diamond Ring Found and Returned to Owner

Otis from Palestine, Texas is definitely a good Samaritan!  After purchasing a “DD” coil for his detector, Otis found a men’s gold ring with a big diamond. The owner’s name was engraved on it, so he was able to locate the owner in Houston, TX. Otis- you’re a great guy and this is inspirational! Read Otis’s story


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Garrett ATX: Sophisticated Detector Used by the “Diggers”

Garrett Metal Detectors ATX metal detector.

Garrett Metal Detectors are used each week on the diggers TV show and for good reason. The ATX metal detector locates deeply buried gold nuggets with ease. This Garrett gold detector may be high end, yet it is also easy to operate.

Metal detecting as a hobby means different things to different detectorists. Experienced hobbyists usually discover their niche within the first few years—or they have their eye on specific treasure. Some dream of a coin cache, some dream of gold rings. And depending on where these big jackpot treasures are, a higher end metal detector may be in order.

High End Yet Easy To Operate

These units provide advanced detection without the need to switch modes, extreme sensitivity for finding small, deeply buried targets and advanced ground balance. Fans of the TV show, “Diggers,” have probably noticed that both of the extreme detectorists on the show use high-end Garrett detectors. Among the detectors seen on “Diggers” is the Garrett ATX Metal Detector. This superior metal detector is known for its proficiency at gold prospecting and deep cache hunting.

Expert Metal Detector for Gold Prospecting and Cache Hunting

Shooting for nuggets often involves rough terrain and deep digging for tiny gold nuggets. Not many metal detectors are as all well-suited for the task as the Garrett ATX Metal Detector. The Garrett ATX features advanced pulse induction technology and a design so rugged that it meets military specifications! This is important because when looking for small gold nuggets, you want to get your coil close to the ground. Most search coils will get all scuffed up on the search for gold—with the exception of the Garrett ATX. And speaking of search coils, the ATX has a new DD coil design for extreme and uniform sensitivity. With this coil, you don’t have to slow down the scanning speed of the coil to detect small items. Owners of the Garrett ATX have a lot to brag about—it’s an amazing PI machine that hunts exceptionally deep in any ground condition. One Garrett ATX product review states, “Using the 12″ DD coil, I found some coins as deep as 18″ on the beach in Ocean City Maryland.” Another reviewer marvels, “In Arizona, I was able to find 4.5 grams of gold in just over a week’s time!”

The Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package is now on sale for $2546.56. Garrett ATX Deepseeker Package Includes: ATX detector with 12″ DD search coil, Land Headphones, Soft storage/travel case, Garrett Detector Sling, AA Alkaline and rechargeable batteries, battery charger, 20″ Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil, Military Grade Garrett Hard Case. Seeing is believing! So head on over and watch this metal detector in action with 7 Garrett ATX videos that you will find on the product page.