Professional-Quality Nokta Pointer Waterproof Pinpointer: Includes Complete Kit

Nokta Pointer Pinpointer

The Nokta Pointer Pinpointer.

Anyone who detects in streams and underwater should consider the Nokta Pointer Pinpointer. It is fully waterproof and can be submerged to 1 meter (3 feet) for 30 minutes at a time! Professional performance is in the design; Nokta Pointer features 10 levels of sensitivity control, a bright LED light and “Lost” alarm with auto shut-off. Target alert options include audio, vibration or both.  And what REALLY sets the Nokta Pointer Pinpointer apart is the included bonus kit: 2 hard shell cases (1 with scraping blade), carrying pouch, finds bag, belt holster and 9-volt battery. This is pinpointing to the extreme!

Black Friday XP MI-6 Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector Deal

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Black Friday XP MI-6 Waterproof Wireless Pinpointer just $159.99

Black Friday XP MI-6 Waterproof Wireless Pinpointer just $159.99

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Treasure Products Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer Review

Treasure Products Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer

Treasure Products Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer works well underwater so you can easily find hidden treasures.

Having a good pinpointer along with you when you’re out metal detecting offers many advantages; including less digging time for more treasure!  If you like to scuba dive with your detector or, are near any type of water really, then a waterproof pinpointer will be most helpful. One of the newest waterproof pinpointers to come onto the market is the Vibra-Quatic 2 from Treasure Products. The Vibra-Quatic is a fully sealed, completely waterproof pinpointer that can function in depths of water up to 100 ft or 30 meters!  While it’s ability to function underwater is an important feature, there are many others as well.  They all come together to help make this an excellent pinpointer to take along with you no matter where your metal detecting journeys take you.

Like the other models in Treasure Products Vibra series, the Vibra-Quatic 2 features Pulse Induction (PI) circuitry.  This means it’s able to function in most conditions, even those with heavy ground mineralization like salt water or black sand, without any extra adjustments.  The Vibra-Quatic 2 is also equipped with a large, 2 inch detection tip for deeper depths and larger target seeking than any of the company’s other pinpointers to date.

In addition to these very useful features, the Vibra-Quatic 2 also offers Treasure Products’ signature “Tilt On/Off” activation, along with a low battery alert, automatic calibration, and, a communication system based on vibrations and pulses of light that even divers with gloves on can detect easily.

Let’s see what actual users have to say about the Vibra-Quatic 2 though.  They’re the best “in field” testers we have after all.

Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer Reviews:

Al Pifran says “Very useful while scuba diving … This pinpointer saves much time in finding things and time is precious during a dive”

Mary  offers “I’m new at Metal Detecting. The Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer was easy to use and surprisingly accurate … ”

Treasure Products Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer Battery Seal

The Vibra-Quatic 2 Pinpointer battery seal protects it so you're able to go treasure hunting deep underwater.

As you can see users agree, this is a highly recommended pinpointer metal detector.  To learn more about the Vibra-Quatic 2 and decide whether it’s the pinpointer for you, visit our product page.  Here you’ll find the instruction manual as well as a very informative video.  In addition you can view the product catalog and some more of the units specifications too.

The Vibra-Quatic 2 pinpointer from Treasure Products is a unique pinpointer and offers all the features you need for successful metal detecting work, in an easy to use, reliable package.  In fact, it will make finding and unearthing your treasure so much easier, you won’t head out without this incredibly useful metal detecting tool ever again.



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