New Metal Detectors, the Makro Multi Kruzer, Kruzer and Gold Kruzer

Looking for new metal detectors? You are in luck as there are three new units from Makro, called the Kruzer series, and we will take a closer look at today. You will be happy to know that all of these new units will contain features and performance considered top-end and are designed with ease of use in mind. These ground breaking units are all waterproof to 16 feet or 5 meters, include integrated wireless headphones, built in recharge systems, and feature large back-lit displays.

Makro Kruzer metal detectors series. Gold Kruzer, Kruzer and Multi Kruzer.

The new Makro Kruzer metal detectors series. (l-r) Gold Kruzer, Kruzer and Multi Kruzer.


Coins, Jewelry, Relics or Gold Nuggets

Makro Multi Kruzer display screen and controls.

Makro Multi Kruzer display screen and controls.

The Makro Kruzer and Makro Multi Kruzer models are for those looking to detect coins, gold and silver jewelry plus relics such as buttons and belt buckles. The Kruzer operates at a more all-around detection frequency of 14 kHz. The Multi Kruzer will allow you to be even more in-tune with the items you are searching for in any given outing. The Multi Kruzer allows you to select from three frequencies of 5 kHz, 14 kHz and 19 kHz. The Makro Gold Kruzer is a specialized detector for gold nugget prospecting and operates at 61 kHz for gold nugget detection in the harshest of ground conditions.

These new metal detectors will also be very easy to use and operate which is great for both first time and experienced users alike! The wait will not be long as deliveries begin in February for the Makro Kruzer and Makro Multi Kruzer and March for the Makro Gold Kruzer. Get your Pre-Order in today for one of these new units from Makro Metal Detectors. One final note is that an optional waterproof pair of headphones will be released soon by Makro.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Review – Waterproof Pinpointer from Garrett

The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is currently one of the most requested metal detector accessories we have in stock; and with very good reason. Even the pros are excited about this fully submersible, all terrain hand held pinpointer and you’re sure to be too.

“The Garrett Pro-Pinpointer AT has taken my detector results to the next level. Super accurate, all weather and easy to use.” – Customer review submitted by Bill S.

Garrett ProPointer AT Pinpointer

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer

It’s based on the already fantastic Garrett Pro-Pointer II but, like the Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Gold and new Garrett AT Max metal detectors, their Pro-Pointer AT also includes all of the enhancements users have requested over the years. This has made for a spectacular product that detectorists are understandably really thrilled to use.

Waterproof Pinpointer

One of the most well known features of the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT handheld pinpointer is that it can be submersed in up to 10 ft underwater. This makes it ideal for SCUBA diving with your metal detector as well as for those all terrain treasure hunting excursions.

This pinpointer has a lot of other neat things to offer metal detectors too including a “lost alarm” that will alert you after the pinpointer has been unused for 5 minutes; an invaluable feature that will help you find the pinpointer if it’s lost in the field, as so many are! Garrett also gave the Pro Pointer AT a nice bright color to make it easy to find as well. We want you to be in-the-know, so when you hear someone say “Garrett carrot”, that’s their Pro-Pointer AT!

In addition to these features you’ll get to enjoy a fast re-tune which is important especially when you’re searching in mineralized ground. The Pro-Pointer AT also has a 360 degree detection area, vibration and sensitivity controls, and an LED light so you won’t miss anything. With a feature set like this users are raving about this hand held pinpointer.

Here are just a sampling of the customer reviews and comments we’ve received regarding the Pro Pointer AT:

Customer feedback on the Garrett Pro-Pinpointer AT.

Customer feedback on the Garrett Pro-Pinpointer AT.

Bill S: “Next Level – The Garrett Pro-Pinpointer AT has taken my detector results to the next level. Super accurate, all weather and easy to use. No matter how small the target, it will let you know.

Thomas V: “I have been metal detecting for 20 years, sometimes it takes some people a long time to get it right. I got a Pro-Pointer (Garrett) and I can cut my time looking for my target 75 percent. Get one! I also got a better digging tool. I have more fun now.

Michelle H: “I gave this to my boyfriend as a Christmas gift and he is over the moon about it.

Robert Hoover: “This Probe is Incredible! Metals can’t hide from THIS probe. It will tell on metal more than a little sister about your secrets. Price is better than anything even IF close to comparable. One of my grandsons realized that it detected BETTER than his toy detector and used it by itself to find targets. Lots of targets. He called it his “Golden Carrot”. This probe is worth every penny and getting it on at their sale price is AWESOME. I’ve ordered a second one to come with the ATMax. Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is my Probe of Choice!

Ken: I was hesitant about purchasing the Garrett Pin Pointer AT, but now that I have it, I kick myself for waiting so long. Really helps with not having to dig deep holes.

If you’d like to learn more about this revolutionary pinpointer from Garrett, please visit our Pro-Pointer AT product page. You’ll be able to watch a video review of the Pro Pointer AT, view a full product spec sheet and more so you can get as much information as possible on this pinpointer to be sure it’s the metal detecting accessory for you.


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Garrett ATX Metal Detector Review

New Garrett Gold Detector Overview – ATX Extreme Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The wait is nearly over! Garrett has just introduced their most advanced gold prospecting and relic hunting metal detector. The Garrett ATX metal detector is so versatile it is sure to become popular with coin and beach hunters as well. This premium machine is designed to military specifications! It’s unique feature set helps the ATX stand apart from its competitors and makes it a metal detector that can search successfully nearly anywhere.

Garrett Metal Detectors introduces the ATX metal detector.

Garrett Metal Detectors introduces the ATX metal detector. Locate deeply buried gold nuggets, coins, relics and jewelry with this innovative Pulse Induction metal detecting system.

This Garrett multi frequency detector features highly advanced pulse induction (PI) technology so it’s adept at finding treasure in even the most highly mineralized soils – including salt water. Yet, this machine is highly sensitive as well; which isn’t always the case with PI detectors. As a result, the ATX can find jewelry at the beach, tiny gold nuggets in iron stone ground, along with coins, and relics of all kinds even in the most extreme conditions. The ATX has been tested in the gold fields of Western Australia and in the highly mineralized soil of Virginia which is famous for it’s great relic hunting areas.

Detection of small targets is enhanced even further on the ATX metal detector by the addition of a new Garrett DD search coil. This unique search coil design supports easy pinpointing as well as uniform sensitivity around the entire detection area so the machine is able to find large and small targets even at it’s deepest depths.

In order to search even more deeply, users have the option to purchase the Garrett ATX metal detector with a special deep seeker package. This gives you a large, 20” Mono search coil in addition to the 10” X 12” medium DD coil that comes standard with the machine. The larger the search coil used the deeper the metal detector can find treasure. Often however, when you use a large search coil, sensitivity to smaller targets is diminished. However, with the Garrett DD search coil design this sensitivity remains much more intact even when using the larger 20” search coil.

The Garrett ATX metal detector is also unique in that it comes with a fully collapsible stem as well as an adjustable search coil up to 90 degrees. This means you can search embankments, crevices, and other tight places just as easily as you can search wide open fields. Not only that, the ATX metal detector is also submersible up to 10 feet to further widen the types of terrain searchable with this single machine.

Photo of the Garrett ATX metal detector with deepseeker accessories package

The Garrett ATX metal detector deepseeker package includes everything you need to locate deep treasures. The package includes the ATX with 12” DD coil, Land headphones, Soft storage/travel case, Garrett Detector Sling, AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries, Battery charger, 20" Deepseeker Mono Searchcoil and Military-grade Garrett hard case.

ATX Users will also enjoy features like the one handed control design, LED light indicators, audio retune to cancel out ambient noises, and other specialized features like these. The machine can be operated with the included headphones or via the external speaker too, and it has motion and non-motion modes as well to accommodate your preferences.

To find out if the Garrett ATX is the best machine for you, visit our Garrett ATX metal Detector product page. Here you’ll find valuable information like our exclusive chart that compares the ATX Standard and Deepseeker packages, additional key features, an informational video, and other helpful tools like these to assist you in finding the right metal detector for your unique needs.


Garrett ATX detector de metales en Español  (Garrett ATX Metal Detector in Spanish)

Updated 10/16/2013: Garrett ATX owners manual has been added to the product page and our Metal Detector Instruction Manuals page

Treasure Products Vibra Tector 730 Review

Treasure Products Vibra Tector 730

The Vibra Tector 730 mini underwater metal detector is lightweight and is an ideal tool you will want for treasure hunting while diving.

The Vibra-Tector 730 from Treasure Products is a state of the art, mini hand-held underwater metal detector that incorporates Treasure Products’ trademark vibration style of communication along with pulsing lights to further assist you in easily locating and identifying targets soundlessly.  While many metal detectors and tools incorporate audio target locating systems that use beeps and buzzes to communicate with you, the Vibra-Tector 730 uses these other forms of soundless communication (ie. vibrations and lights) to communicate with users to help them identify and locate their targets.  This is a feature that might be preferred by some users including those who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as those who simply don’t like buzzers or headphones.

In addition to this unique communication system, the Vibra-Tector 730 also offers users features like Pulse Induction technology, automatic tuning, “Tilt On/Off”, and, this machine is waterproof too.  Plus, it’s only 1lb!!  That’s a very lightweight metal detector with a lot of useful features. In fact, the Vibra-Tector 730 is one of the most popular models in the entire series. Scuba divers just love the ease of use and first time treasure hunters find the Vibra-Tector 730 packs easy in a back pack or suitcase.

Taking a trip and just want a light weight unit that is compact and easy to snorkel or dive with? The Vibra-Tector 730 is an ideal choice. With a reasonably good sized search head, this unit will discover treasures at good depth. Users will find that the Vibra-Tector’s lightweight and small 4” search coil, coupled with it’s compact design make it a nice metal detector for travel, snorkeling & diving, and for children to use as well.  Plus, it’s Made in the USA which is always important.

Vibra-Tector 730 Reviews:

Terry Bide shares  “It’s of good build with a clever tilt on/off switch and feels sturdy in your hands.”

Maddie reports  “I’ve been using the Vibra-Tector snorkeling in Hawaii with great success, even on the black sand beaches!”

GeorgeMcG says  “This is such a nice, lightweight metal detector.  I purchased one for myself and one for my wife.  Now we go out together and share all our finds.”

In addition to the specs, features, and customer reviews we’ve shared here, you can learn more about the Vibra-Tector 730 by visiting our product page where you’ll find the instruction manual, the product catalogue, an informative video and more.  Do your research and, if it’s right for you, the Vibra-Tector from Treasure Products is an excellent metal detector you’ll find yourself enjoying over and over again through many successful treasure hunting expeditions.