Video: Metal Detector Swinging Technique – Beginner’s Need to See!

On your first metal detecting outing, you may have found a few coins, nails and metal debris. You might not be excited, but there’s a reason why! Don’t get discouraged. Your swing technique really IS important! Here are 4 expert “Swing Technique” tips:

  1. Keep your search coil as close to the ground as possible. Swing parallel to the ground. The biggest mistake is swinging like a pendulum or an ark. You will miss targets this way.
  2. Swing slow. Each pass should be at least 2-4 seconds.
  3. Overlap swings to make sure you don’t miss valuable targets.
  4. To guarantee you are covering the most ground, go over the ground in the opposite direction in a grid like fashion with your detector.


Here are Three Beginner’s Whites Metal Detectors:

  1. Whites CoinMaster Metal Detector
  2. Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector
  3. Whites TreasurePro Metal Detector


*Video Courtesy of Whites Metal Detectors


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Whites TREASUREpro—an Amazing Metal Detector!

The Whites TreasurePro metal detector in action.

The Whites TreasurePro metal detector in action.

Even seasoned detectorists are blown away by the advanced technology and overall features of Whites TREASUREpro Metal Detector. For starters, this model was built with true ‘Automatic Ground Balance,’ meaning it adapts to the ground conditions as you’re hunting. With no constant adjustment to maximize depth and sensitivity, owners love this technology. Another beloved feature of the TREASUREpro is its large backlit display, set up in a speedometer style with important data off to the side.

Features of the Whites TreasurePro

This unit includes a 10″ DD waterproof search coil, 8 Target ID segments and 5 search modes including: Coins & Jewelry, Beach, All Metal, Pinpoint and High Trash. In the $300 – $400 price range, it would be hard to find a better machine!

Did you know? We stock all models of Whites Metal Detectors here at including accessories for all current Whites detectors.

Exciting Civil War Relic Hunt: with Men, Women and Kids!

One of the artifacts recovered from the Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s raid site.

One of the artifacts recovered from the Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan’s raid site in Ohio.

In Carroll County, Ohio, a group of 80 hopeful treasure hunters gathered to unearth Civil War relics. Well-known Ohio detectorist Sam Waters organized the hunt after she learned of a Confederate raid in Carroll County. Waters, a passionate relic hunter, has been detecting since the age of 12. She researched the event and learned: in the summer of 1863, Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan led his cavalry on a 1,000-mile raid through Indiana and Ohio. The cavalry stole 2,500 horses and raided 4,375 homes. Morgan’s men fought with pursuing Union cavalry throughout Carroll County. Waters got permission from property owners to search the area.

Waters’ group scoured 500 acres with metal detectors; and in just three days, uncovered more than 200 items! Some of the treasure hunters were kids (joined by their parents). The group ranged in age from 8 to 75. Also joining the team was Josh Silva, one of the stars of the TV show “Dig Wars!”  Waters estimated that approximately half of the recovered items may be Civil War related. One intriguing find was a Confederate stirrup. She added, “The stuff we found was all over—scattered around the woods, fields and valley.” The metal detectorists worked with and gained permission from the Carroll County Historical Society. The society also owns an acre of land tied to the raid.

Want to Detect for Historical Artifacts?

Are you intrigued by history and finding artifacts from the past? If so, dig in with a relic-hunting metal detector! These units are specifically designed for unearthing relics which are usually made of iron, steel or brass and sometimes sometimes gold or silver. Relic hunting detectors are different than all-purpose and coin-hunting models. They specialize in ground balance control and ground adjust so you can filter out interference from other minerals. They also use lower frequencies and offer high sensitivity and pinpointing abilities. Many of these units have target identification, which will display the type of metal you have located.

Quality is key when hunting for relics. Here are some great detector choices for all budgets:

Entry Level Relic Metal Detectors:

Mid Level Relic Metal Detectors:

Higher-End Relic Metal Detectors:


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Whites TreasureMaster: Answers the Call for an Impressive Detector

Whites Treasure Master Metal Detector

Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector

Treasure is easy to find with the Whites TreasureMaster Metal Detector! The price of this model (under $300) suggests it is an entry-level detector, but users say that’s a misnomer and a well-kept secret. “Seriously, the features, functionality and performance of the Whites TreasureMaster far outstrip ANY entry-level machine I have ever used. This is a detector that you can literally use right out of the box.”

Whites TreasureMaster Features

Among the TreasureMaster’s advanced features: 4 search modes: Coins & Jewelry, Beach, All Metal and Pinpoint; 8 Target ID segments and a beautiful visual display with easy adjustments and countless options. So many…it is hard to list them all. Whites TreasureMaster has every treasure hunter covered!