Hottest 2017 Holiday Gift? The New Garrett AT Max Metal Detector!

Easy-to-use controls on the Garrett AT Max metal detector.

Easy-to-use controls found on the Garrett AT Max metal detector.

The all-new Garrett AT Max has arrived. It is IN STOCK and ready to be shipped to you TODAY. This is the perfect holiday gift!! Garrett engineers took everything customers have been asking for and built it into one detector! This is the best of the AT Pro and AT Gold detectors combined, with even MORE. The most notable new feature is AT Max’s built-in Z-Lynk wireless technology with included wireless headphones.

Here’s why the Garrett AT Max is on course to be the hottest-selling detector on the market. Did we mention? NO MORE WIRES! True All metal Mode. New Backlight, More detection depth, larger display and much more!

  • New Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones with Auto Pairing
  • No delay in target signal, no interference with other wireless devices
  • Consistent Solid Tone in Highly Mineralized Soil
  • Auto Ground Balance Window allows users to hear faint signals
  • Greater Detection Depth with Enhanced Sensitivity. Sensitive enough to pick up small gold nuggets!
  • Optimized 13.6 kHz Frequency for excellent detection on a wide range of targets
  • Fully Waterproof to 10 Feet (3 Meters)
  • Display Backlight for visibility in dim lighting
  • Larger Display Numbers

In field tests with detectors in the same price range (and even higher), the Garrett AT Max came out the clear winner when it came to depth! The AT Max comes standard with the 8.5” x 11” DD PROformance searchcoil, but all Garrett AT searchcoils are compatible. This is a holiday winner! Order today for the best gift EVER!

AND, when you order this detector now, you get a BONUS gift of a FREE pinpointer probe or a $100 Restaurant Gift Card!!

XP DEUS: the “Do it All” Wireless Detector: Proven in the Gold Fields

Finding gold in nature is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. A metal detector will make both of these tasks easier! This is because “float” gold is very small, lodging in hollow places or behind boulders and other barriers to its downhill movement. Float is part of the ore that somehow breaks off from the mother lode and gets carried away by gravity, wind, water, earth movement or other acts of nature. It often gets covered by a surplus of rock and gravel that has washed on top of the gold ore. Prospectors who search old placer mining areas can use a metal detector to find any gold that was bypassed. In many cases, the use of a deep-seeking high-quality metal detector is the only way long-overlooked ore deposits and left behind gold can be found. In just minutes or hours, a gold detector can locate the same precious metal that took months and years to find with shovels and pans.

A Good Quality Instrument is an Investment

In the field with the XP DEUS metal detector

Look to the XP DEUS metal detector since “the quality of the metal detector you take into the gold fields will have a significant impact on whether you find gold or not.”

Without a doubt, the quality of the metal detector you take into the gold fields will have a significant impact on whether you find gold or not. There are sophisticated detectors solely designed to find gold. But not so fast! Before you purchase a gold-seeking metal detector, there’s an important question you should ask yourself, “Will I be using this detector to hunt only for gold?” Treasure is everywhere—and while gold may be the crown jewel, you can also uncover valuable old coins, priceless military relics, antiques, meteorites, buried treasure caches and so much more! There are truly universal metal detectors, such as the XP DEUS, that are spectacular instruments capable of finding just about everything. Many veteran detectorists urge newbies to investigate the benefits of purchasing a multi-purpose unit—so as to get the most their money can buy.

XP DEUS – Lightweight, Powerful and Deep Seeking

The XP DEUS Metal Detector is the world’s first wireless metal detector. It is equipped with a wireless search coil, wireless remote control digital display and wireless audio headphones. All three components communicate through a digital wireless radio signal; this eliminates the need for wires that can get tangled and compromised. What’s really unique is you control all of the detector functions with the headphones alone: ground balance, frequency, discrimination, sensitivity and custom programs. Similarly, the search coil operates independently. The XP search coil processes the target signal directly via a miniature digital circuit. This is state-of-the-art technology exclusive to XP DEUS. This detector is known for detecting gold nuggets at extreme depths and seeing gold mixed close to and among iron. It is also an expert at locating coins, relics and meteorites. Wet salt-water beach hunting is a breeze with the XP DEUS. Field tests give it the highest possible ratings. One customer found a 5.6 gram nugget within 10 minutes. This is the best example of a “do it all” detector available today!

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Video: Introduction to the XP DEUS Metal Detector

XP DEUS Wireless Metal Detector: Lightweight. Deep. Fast.

Those who take up the hobby of metal detecting and immediately love it, develop a passion for detecting like nothing else. They would rather hunt for treasure than do just about anything! Every hobbyist starts detecting for the same reason—to find valuable treasure. Whether it’s old relics, old coins, clad coins, lost jewelry or a treasure cache, every find is a conquest. There are hundreds of different metal detectors on the market today, and choosing the best one can be the most complicated thing about metal detecting. Many hobbyists want to find everything with their metal detector—coins, jewelry, caches, relics, beach treasures and gold nuggets. Typically, you would need two or three detectors to accomplish this. Unless, of course, you learned about an expert unit that has advanced all metal detection technology—the XP DEUS.

Real Finds. Real Performance.

Detectorists who use the Deus metal detector cannot say enough about the design. One reviewer raves, “Most amazing detector ever made. Lightweight and easy to use!”

If you want a true all-around metal detector, and there are few on the market that will do all aspects, many detectorists will point you to the XP DEUS wireless metal detector. You can find everything with the XP DEUS. Gold? Yes. Meteorites? Yes. Wet salt-water beach hunting? Yes. Antique jewelry, relics and coins? Of course! Wires that can get tangled? No. The XP DEUS comes with a wireless search coil, wireless remote control digital display and wireless audio headphones. It is truly a genius design because all three devices communicate with each other via a digital wireless radio signal developed specifically for metal detecting. You can control everything from the XP DEUS remote LCD display. Simply toggle through the menus to adjust the controls: audio response, iron level, multi tone, notch, discrimination and ground balance. Detectorists who use this unit cannot say enough about the design in XP DEUS product reviews. One reviewer raves, “Most amazing detector ever made. Lightweight and easy to use!” There are so many incredible features on this patented model—it’s really too many to list. See complete list of DEUS product details. The DEUS Starter Bundle includes the WS4 LCD Backphone Headphone & 9″ search Coil with Telescopic Pole. Holiday Sale Price $1199.

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