New XP ORX Wireless Metal Detector Comparison Guide

The new XP ORX metal detector was modeled after the world-renowned and top unit, the DEUS from XP Metal Detectors. The ORX is beneficial for MANY detectorists who need a mid-range detector that is stream-lined, easy to use yet powerful in the way of performance.

XP ORX Metal Detector

The two ORX models are very similar; however, you can choose an elliptical or round search coil to be more in-tune with either gold prospecting or coins, relics and jewelry. This all around detector will have you finding valuables quickly with its four pre-set modes; two for gold nuggets and two for coins, jewelry and relics.

Our new guide will help you compare what these two models of XP metal detectors have in common and also what differences make each model unique. See for yourself by taking a read our new guide: XP ORX Wireless Metal Detectors Comparison.