XP Metal Detectors Appoints Detector Electronics Corp. as USA Distributor

Michael Bernzweig and Alain

US Distributor Michael Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp. (left), shakes hands with Alain Loubert of XP (right) while visiting their new manufacturing facility in the South of France.

XP Metal Detectors of Toulouse France has appointed Detector Electronics Corp. of Southborough, MA as their official Distributor in the United States. The popular XP DEUS Wireless metal detector will now be made available to consumers for the first time in the USA. Consumers can now purchase XP Metal Detectors and accessories online directly from MetalDetector.com or through a network of retailers across the United States.

XP DEUS is the world’s first completely wireless metal detector. The DEUS includes a wireless search coil, headphones and remote display screen. From the coil up, the design of the DEUS is unique. This model features a patented and fully telescopic stem design. The detector is digital in design and is lightweight, powerful and deep seeking.

XP Metal detectors are backed by a full 2-year warranty that covers parts and labor. The XP Service center is managed by Detector Electronics Corp. and is located in Southborough, MA. Through this facility consumers and dealers have quick access to spare parts and repairs.

XP Metal Detectors has been manufacturing and designing advanced metal detectors in Southern France since 1998. Their range of metal detectors includes units for all types of treasure hunting. The following models make up their current line-up: Gold Maxx Power, G-Maxx II, Adventis 2, ADX250, ADX150 and the DEUS wireless metal detector.